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    Hello guys. Great plug in and great job.

    I have a problem. I set 2 rules:

    The first is a minimum of 5 products to buy

    The second is a step of 12 products.

    I set: Block checkout page: Enable

    Stops customer from reaching the checkout page on wrong quantities. Customer will be redirected to the cart page.

    But if I put 5 products in the cart, I am redirected to the cart page. (error)

    It seems that the rule: step 12 overwrites the minimum rule 5 products.

    The result is that I can’t buy 5 products. I need to use both rules. How can I do ?

    The page I need help with: http://www.donnealpotere.it/


    Hi Raffaelle,
    Glad to know you’re enjoying the plugin (except this issue 🙂 ).
    What you requested is a straight-forward feature and you should have no issues having these two rules, I’ve created it on this test product for you to test.
    I think it’s most probably a setting overlap or mis-configuration, if you can please send me a screenshot for the product settings, or if possible, just grant me access on my email [email protected] and I will be glad to check it for you.


    Hi Omar. Thanks to you.

    I’ll explain better.

    I have 12 products to sell, these products are single meals, which can be placed in a virtual box that contains 5,12,24,36 meals, and are shipped in refrigerated boxes that contain in order:

    5 meals
    12 meals
    24 meals
    36 meals

    So I can only sell: combinations of up to 5,12,24,36 meals.

    I can’t sell 6 meals, I can’t sell 8 meals. I can only sell 5,12,24,36 meals.

    When a person orders 1,2,3,4 products the cart must not work, when a person orders 7,8,9,10,11, meals the cart must not work.

    The shopping cart should only work if a person buys precisely 5,12,24,36 meals.

    Now: With the “step of 12” rule I solve the problem of the box of 12,24,36 and with the rule less than 5 I solve the problem of the box of 5.


    But if you now go to donnealpotere.it and try to buy 5 products you can’t buy them.


    Hello Raffaele,

    Got it, and I’ve received your email, will respond there.


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