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    Katie Moreno


    I am trying to send a custom email after an order is placed to my dropship company.

    For the order to be placed in their automated system, they need it in the following format:

    fname: {shipping_first_name}
    lname: [shipping_last_name]
    address1: [shipping_address_1]
    address2: [shipping_address_2]
    city: [shipping_city]
    state: [shipping_state]
    zip: [shipping_postcode]
    country: [shipping_country]
    email: [customer_email]

    Is it possible to add the information needed as individual shortcodes? (The ones above are just the WC field titles I think?)

    The [order_shipping_address] “prints” with < br > and their system rejects it due to the HTML.

    Katie Moreno

    I was able to find the func code in the forums and got it all to work with this format, but I cannot get email to display. Please advise:

    fname: [order_func func="get_shipping_first_name"]
    lname: [order_func func="get_shipping_last_name"]
    address1: [order_func func="get_shipping_address_1"]
    address2: [order_func func="get_shipping_address_2"]
    city: [order_func func="get_shipping_city"]
    state: [order_func func="get_shipping_state"]
    zip: [order_func func="get_shipping_postcode"]
    country: [order_func func="get_shipping_country"]
    email: [order_func func="get_customer_email"]

    Katie Moreno

    Nevermind –¬† got it. Commenting in case it helps someone else looking. I used:

    email: [order_func func="get_billing_email"]

    It would be SUPER HELPFUL to include a link to this page on the shortcode list, so we’re not having to search aimlessly, especially for a paid plugin.

    Katie Moreno

    How can I use [order_func] to get it to display a quantity for a specific product id? I have tried

    [order_func func="get_item_count(item_id="17438")"]

    [order_func func="get_item_count($item_id="17438")"]

    [order_func func="get_item_count($item_id = '17438' )"]

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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