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    Bennie Hebbelinck


    Since upgrading to PHP8.0, we have problems with the EU VAT for WooCommerce Pro plugin. We get the following status message from WooCommerce:
    “Your server does not have the SoapClient class enabled – some gateway plugins which use SOAP may not work as expected.”

    So when a person adds his/her VAT number, it can’t communicate with VIES and they can’t finish checkout.

    Any idea on how we can resolve this?

    fyi: We are running our website in a docker container and are using the following image: “wordpress:6.0.1-php8.0-apache”

    Thank you in advance.


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    Hi Bennie,

    This is happening more frequent now it seems, and in all cases, it’s always better to ask the web host how to enable SOAP client, it might be disabled (by default) on newer PHP versions. VIES service won’t accept any other methods so if you don’t mind, please check with hosting and update us here, maybe others will find it useful as well.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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