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    Glenn van der Werff


    I have managed to create the field. But I have another problem. How do I manage the following?:

    – I have bussiness customer from the EU that order services (this should be mentioned as “BTW Verlegd”
    – I have bussiness customers from the EU that order goods (this should be mentioned as “BTW 0%”

    What if the customer bought both? The thing that I thought is making another VAT group for the services. However I am not able to exclude certain categories or VAT groups or am I wrong about that? Do you have antoher solution to fix this?

    Best regards,


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    Hi Glenn,

    Actually I didn’t work before on a store that sells goods & services at the same store (rather than someone buying both types in one purchase).

    I think the issue here will be how to manage VAT on the store before exempting it on checkout, but with the current settings, unfortunately this can’t be managed, it works with validate then exempt or preserve modes (reads VAT rates & settings from WC directly).


    Edwin Ietswaard

    Hi, I read the post. Next monday i have to set up a website for a customer. The post is from 2020. Is it already possible to charge a service with VAT reversed and a good with VAT 0% ?


    Hi Edwin,

    To confirm, you’re asking about having a cart with products that fall under different tax cases? If you have a legal advice on how this should be done, I will be happy to work on this.

    If you’ve confirmed this with a lawyer, please reach us at [email protected] and we willl be glad to work on this together.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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