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    Trond Olav Skevik

    I would like to show the %min_per_item_quantity% as the initial value in any quantity field for any product. Any thoughts on how this can be done? I understand this is more a theme issue than an issue with this very good plugin.

    I.e.: if the minimum quantity per item is 0.3 i want the product quantity field to display 0.3 unless the minimum quantity is already in the basket – in which case I’d like the field to display the step value (0.1)


    Hi Trond,

    To show the minimum value on product page (on page load, i.e. when customer opens the product page), please do this:

    Plugin main settings >> Force Quantity Options >> Force initial quantity on single product page >> Force to min quantity.

    The quantity field can never show the step value (unless it’s the minimum as well), one thing here, and unfortunately, the plugin can’t check if the minimim value is added to the cart (and shows a different quantity if so).

    To understand the behavior better, I have a product with 0.5 min, opened it, page loaded with 0.5 as default, added to the cart, why the page (without reload or refresh) should change 0.5 now to something else? Not sure if it will be convenient to users honestly.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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