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    I just installed the free plugin Costs of Goods.
    There are two things i can not find out. I checked You tube and your FAQ and Forum but this also gave me no answers:

    1.) When entering the Cost (exl. Tax) the plugin calculates the profit by using the net costs vs the regular price incluing tax. This is because i entered all prices in the shop incl. TAX. Is there any option to calculate the profit using Net Costs vs Net sellingg prices without have to change all the prices in the shop to without taxes?
    2.) If entering all the Costs for every product where can i see what the total Net worth/value of the total stock is?

    If i need to upgrade to Premium that is fine with me as long as i can get the above things to work 🙂

    Kind regards,

    Plugin Support

    Hi Stefan,

    1) You could try to change two options:
    – Set Products > Get price method as Including tax
    – Set Orders > Calculations > Order total for percentage fees as Order total incl. tax

    2) On the pro version we have options to see the stock on “WooCommerce Analytics > Stock” and “WooCommerce > Reports > Stock > Cost of goods

    Let me know if it helps.


    Hi Pablo, thx for your quick reply. I made one mistake is my question.

    I can not add screen shots so i will write it out:
    The problem is at the product itself.
    Product X on my website is (in the backend) entered as a Regular price including Tax (21%) as €34.95. At the cost(exl. Tax) i entered €17.50.
    the plugin calculates the profit as €11.38 which is right but gives a Percentage of 65.05%.
    So the profit ammount calculated is right.

    Here comes the issue, the % of profit being 65.05% is not correct.
    The profit percentage should be
    €34.95/1.21 = €28.88 (price excluding Tax)
    Costs € 17.50
    Profit € 11.38
    Profit/price exluding tax is 39.40% (11.38/28.88)

    Right now The % on the website is the result of the profit (11.38) devided by the costs (17.50) but this is not a number to work with. As a bussiness owner the % of 39.40 tells me what my exact profits in % are related to the selling price exl. TAX

    Maybe i am still doing something wrong 🙂

    2.) thx i will buy the PRO version.

    Plugin Support

    Maybe you just need to change the Products > Profit Html template from %profit_percent% to %profit_margin%.

    Let me know if that helps.

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