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    Im a newbie here. I downloaded the plugin as i wanted to create a minimum 6 items (may be from diferent items) buy and a forced buy of multiples of 6.
    When i tried any of these option i cant add one of an item…i get the notice and wont progress to cart. Only if i add 6 in the quantity of item.
    Shouldn’t the cart verification for the parameters be done only when the client tries to checkout? Since this way i’m forced to add multiples of 6 of each of the items and not individualy.


    Sorry…only now i saw that the bug is being verified as it happened to other users.


    Hi Mike,

    Just to make sure I got you correctly here, because I don’t remember a related bug for this case.

    Verification depends on settings you choose, so for example if you set fixed amounts on one product, validation makes sense to be done when you add to cart.

    But if you are using the same feature on category level, validation will be on cart level not add to product.

    Are these 6 items in a separate category? If yes, this would be fairly easy to do, if not, what is mutual between them so you want to group them under one rule?


    Mike Louis

    Hi have 5 different wines
    I want to sell multiple of 6 bottles
    I want to the plugin to let me add por example : 2 reds + 2white + 2 rose
    But when i try to add 2 reds i get the notice that i have to add 6 bottles and that 2 selected doesnt go to the shopping cart. Only if i add 6 of each does they go to the shopping cart


    Got it,

    In this case, I suggest you use the fixed amounts quantity feature, set it to 6, 12 ,18, etc.

    This way, the verification will be applied on cart, so customer can buy any mix of these different wine types, but total should match 6, 12…

    I’m assuming that all your products store are from these 5 different wines only, if not please let met know what is common between these 5 types so I can think of alternative.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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