Verified Users + Verification Time

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    <div>Dear WPFactory Team,</div>
    <div> 2 questions:</div>
    <div>Im having a problem identifying my verified users. When I download my user report, and look at the value “1” at the “alg_wc_ev_is_activated” variable, I get 92.000 hits. But when I look at my GA data, the number of users who logged in (which is only possible if they are verified), is 120.000. I’ve been using your plugin from the start. Is it possible that the “alg_wc_ev_is_activated” value is wrong in my report?</div>
    <div>The second is, that I need to be able to show the exact verification time, for which there is also a variable for every user in the downloadable report, but the problem is, that even the unverified users have a date. So again, Im not sure if that data is correct?</div>
    <div>Thank you,</div>

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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