Where do I add the license key? And does the plugin work with the WPML plugin?

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    Louis Nel

    Hi there,

    Just purchased the pro version and we have a few questions:

    1. After purchasing we received a license key, but I don’t see where to use it in the plugin so I assume it is unnecessary?
    2. How do we translate the plugin messages? Our website’s main language is Hebrew, but users can switch to other languages too. We use the popular WPML plugin to achieve this.
    3. If we set the minimum amount to 30, and our main currency is ILS, will it be minimum 30 ILS or minimum 30 USD?

    Thanks for the assistance.

    Plugin Support

    Hi Louis,

    1- To add the license you will need our WP Factory Helper plugin. You just need to add it to get automatic updates, when available.

    2- You can use shortcodes in the messages, for example, for WPML translations:

    [alg_wc_oma_translate lang="DE"]Text for DE[/alg_wc_oma_translate][alg_wc_oma_translate lang="NL"]Text for NL[/alg_wc_oma_translate][alg_wc_oma_translate not_lang="DE,NL"]Text for other languages[/alg_wc_oma_translate]

    3- If you are referring to our Currency options, then each currency need to be set with the own currency. E.g.:
    ILS – 30
    USD – 9.3

    Let me know if it helps 😉

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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