Why are users’ shopping carts being emptied after being verified?

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    Aengus Barton


    Thanks for the plugin 🙂 We are having an issue with the users shopping cart getting cleared/emptied after they have verified.

    The setup we have is this:
    a) User arrives to site and adds products to their cart
    b) From cart page, when user clicks Proceed To Checkout we have a redirect snippet set up to push the user over to the /my-account page to either login or create an account
    c) If they create an account, they get notice to verify before they can log in – that’s fine, and the user goes to email and verifies
    d) When the click verify link, they are brought back to /my-account, with notice that they are verified and can proceed to login
    e) When they log in, anything they had in their cart is lost

    Part (e) is the issue – is there a way to avoid this happening?

    thanks 🙂


    I have the same issue .
    I was about to buy the plugin but this is definitively a no-no. I absolutely need a way to carry the cart content once the email verification is sent etc. Otherwise I am losing my client. Surprised this feature is not included already…


    This is also happening to us.
    Please, can you let us know how a user can keep the content of the cart after creating the account and following the link sent to the email address?
    Having customer to go through the shop to add products again is bad.



    For anyone with this problem, I have sorted it out by enabling the option Custom “logout” function located on the advanced settings.
    Hope it helps others with the same issue.

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    Plugin Author

    That’s right Dave, thanks

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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