Why can’t I activate the plugin on our website?

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    Ngozi Monye

    Hi! I purchased  the $69.99 “Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce” plan and for some reason we are unable to activated the paid plan on our website. We have downloaded WPhelper and put in our website url, but it’s still not working. we have also tried the manually updating list. This is the 3rd we are writing about this problem, what’s going on?

    Plugin Support

    Hi Ngozi,

    Are you getting some kind of error? If that’s the case can you please send us? Maybe with a screenshot?

    Can you please try to disable the free version?

    Plugin Support


    Please make sure you have deactivated the free version of the plugin. To deactivate a plugin, you simply need to visit the Plugins » Installed Plugins page inside your WordPress admin area. From here, you need to locate the free version of the plugin. Next, take your mouse to the plugin’s row, and it will show you a link to deactivate. Clicking on the link will simply deactivate the plugin right away.

    Now, please follow these general steps to activate the plugin:

    1. Download plugin’s zip to your computer (You should receive an email with a download link after buying the plugin., or you can always download the plugin from your account).

    2. Go to Admin Dashboard > Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and browse for the downloaded zip file. If plugin is successfully installed, you should see it added to the Plugins list. All you need to do now is go to the plugin that you just uploaded and click on ‘Activate’. WordPress will complete the installation of the plugin and you’ll get a ‘Plugin activated’ message if everything went all right.

    3. To keep the plugin items up-to-date, use the WPFactory Helper plugin.

    If you can’t activate the plugin after following these steps, then could you share your WordPress dashboard access with us so we can check into it? You can send the login details to: [email protected]

    I hope you found this information beneficial. If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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