Why can’t I set limits for categories?

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    I am trying to put a limit on the amount of products somebody can buy from a category but it does not seem to be working. My issue is as below:

    I need to be able to stop people buying from a category once they have purchased two items from that category already. I have the plugin setup as follows:

    Product Quantities as the method.

    Then I have quantities set at the product level, this is set to 1 (and this works).

    Then I have quantities set at the category level. In the category itself I have set this as a Max of 2 products per customer.

    In testing it does not stop me buying a third product from the category, even though I have already purchased 2 items.



    Can you please make sure the right order status is set for the test orders? If the test orders are in pending status and in the plugins General Settings the order status is completed, the limits will not work. 

    Please check WooCommerce > Settings > Maximum Products Per User > General > Order Statuses and select the relevant order status. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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