Why does the plugin not work properly if there’s a 100% coupon?

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    Alex Ryan

    Hi. I think I have found a bug. This is in the pro version. The recreate is fairly simple.
    * create a product in woocommerce (ours is virtual but I don’t think that matters)
    * set the price to be $1 (just for this test…)
    * set the limit to 1 per user
    * set a coupon for the product for 100%
    * add product to cart
    * start payment and apply the coupon (making the total “$0”)
    * at the checkout page everything looks good.
    * when you submit the checkout page (no payment processing needed), you are thrown back to “my selection” page with the product still in the cart and the error that you have already max’d out the limit. It looks as though the transaction WAS executed because you can find it in the woocommerce orders list. It just appears that in this case, the product has not been removed from the cart as purchased and the user does not see the confirmation screen.
    If it is a %90 coupon and there is a payment processing, then things appear to work properly.
    Please let me know your thought on how this can be resolved.
    Thank you!

    WPFactory Plugins
    Plugin Author

    Hello Alex,

    Sorry for the delay.
    I think I couldn’t reproduce the problem. If the limit is 1 and I add 1 to cart the plugin should allow the purchase just fine and that is what it’s doing . It doesn’t make any difference if I use a 100% coupon or not. Now, if I try to add 2 of the same product, I can only purchase it if I use the coupon and if I do that it works fine too, I mean, I didn’t receive the max message.

    Please help me with some details.

    1. How should be set the mode option? I imagine it should be set as “Product Prices” considering your example.

    2. Have you purchased the product previously first?

    3. Can you please try to disable other plugins that could be conflicting with our plugin and maybe switch the theme too?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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