Why does the plugin stop working after upgrading to Pro?

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    Hi, when I upgraded to the pro version, it stopped working, now users don’t receive the verification email. I saw you had an issue with an older version, so I updated it to 2.2.5 but didn’t help. I also tried this, but didn’t worked:

    For the email not being sent

    1. In the plugin’s settings, Email tab Can you please try and change the Mail Function.
    2. Also in the Email tab can you please try and change the Email Sending Trigger
    3. Finally if it still does not work in the Advanced settings please try and change the Authenticate Filter.


    After several tests I find out that only Gmail accounts are not receiving the email verification, I tried all the Mail functions and couldn’t help. It looks like this happen on both, regular and paid versions



    Can you please confirm the emails are not landing in Gmail spam? If they are going to spam, you may need to contact your hosting provider and possibly configure DKIM or SPF records.

    Please let me know if they are not in spam also.

    manuel castro


    I configured DKIM and now emails are being sent to the inbox, that part now works fine, but now when users register, they are being redirected to the home page instead of staying on the register page and displaying a successful message. How do I keep the user on the registration page so they can see the message about an email that has been sent to them and they need to confirm their email address?

    Plugin Support

    Hi Manuel,

    In that case, please try the option General > Redirect on success and set it as “Redirect to my account page” or any other that suits you better

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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