Why is the amount left showing 0 after some seconds?

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    We have a bug on the product detail page. Please have a look on your own. https://asiastreetfood.com/produkt/wilder-kokosbluetenzucker-100g/

    When i add a product to the cart, the store notice shows the amount correctly – but after a second it changes to 0.00. Tried different settings, but no effect. Any ideas?

    Thanks, Max



    Can you please confirm you have enabled General > Minimum cart amount and entered the minimum amount required in the cart for the free shipping notice to display.


    yes i confirm. General and for Germany as well. Same value.


    What is the minimum amount you have entered in General > Minimum cart amount




    45, sorry


    @Zohaib any ideas?



    Because the amount required for free shipping is 45, the amount in General > Minimum cart amount should be lower. Can you please set it to say $1 and try again.


    is set to 1. no changes


    Hi Max,

    Is it possible for you to share your WordPress dashboard access and we can take a look? You can send your details to [email protected]


    Did you get my mail and could have a look at the problem?


    Hi Leistner,

    Yes, I was able to fix the issue. It seems to be coming from your theme, when the add to cart button is pressed a side cart pops up and refreshes the area where the free shipping notice is displayed.

    I disabled the Ajax options in this case and it is now working.


    Thanks a lot! But now if i delete items from the flying out cart it won’t update. This way is better than before but not quite the best fix.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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