Why is the plugin not sending email verification anymore?

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    I have tried everything to show that message after register but nothing happens.

    And now it doents send verification emails out anymore???? I cant get them back:

    Have you any idear what it can be?



    Is it possible for you to share your WordPress dashboard access and we can take a look for you? You can send your details to [email protected]


    Hi support

    I found out that if I have (in functions in my child theme) add_action( ‘user_register’, … with a redirect to a page where I want to show the info message to customers, your plugin is corrupted. If I end the function with exit it will redirect as I want but does not send the verification email. On the other hand, if I have no ending exit in the function, it will send the email but will not redirect.

    How do I send send verification emails and also redirect

    I tried everything it will not redirect after register.

    Thank you in advance

    Plugin Support

    Please, take a look at your WooCommerce logs page and look for the errors. You’ll notice there are errors from your child theme functions.php.

    If you just want to redirect the users after verification, most probably you don’t need to use any custom code in your child theme. You can use our “Redirect on success” option. It seems you had tried it already but you didn’t add a valid URL there. Please just try to use a valid URL and let me know if it helps


    Hi support

    Thank you so far.

    But I think you misunderstand me.

    My problem is the redirect after registration, and not after successfully verification (it works perfectly).

    To make it redirect after registration exactly where shouldt I set this url?

    I believe it is already there, woocommerce->email verification->advanced->Prevent login after register,  where Redirect = custom redirect and custom redirect url = customer-redirect wich is a page that I made.


    woocommerce->email verification->general->Redirect on success = Redirect to custom url and custom redirect url = checkout.

    I took away the action on user-register, and it still does redirect to front page.

    You are welcome to enter again

    Plugin Support

    Hi Ralph,

    I couldn’t find the “customer-redirect” page that you said you’ve created.
    Please access that page and copy its full URL and paste it in the “Prevent login after register > Custom redirect URL” option.


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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