Why isn’t the limit working?

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    When I sign in as a customer using a test account and purchase an item. The item is not being calculated in the overall total for the user account. For example if I set a limit of 20 orders for subscribers and order 10 under a subscriber account, but when I go back to my cart to add another 10 items as the same user the message at the cart still says “You can only buy maximum 20 of Cards (you’ve already bought 0).” when I have already bought 10. How can I fix this? thanks

    Tom Anbinder
    Plugin Support

    Hi Anderson,

    First thing that comes to mind – please check what order statuses are set to be counted in “WooCommerce > Settings > Maximum Products per User > General > Order statuses”. By default, it’s set to “Completed” orders only.

    If that doesn’t help – would it be possible for me to log in to your site to check what’s going on (my email is [email protected])? Please let me know if sharing an account is not an option, and I will continue solving it remotely.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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