Will my limit renew based on the membership subscription plan?

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    Kateryna Quinn

    Bought a premium version. Having issues working perfectly with Woocmmerce Memberships.
    1) I have 2 membership plans where 1st is for 10 product purchases per month (renuwing automatically) and 2nd is annual for 120 products. I set up the limit of 10 for the membership plan #1. Will my limits renew based on the membership subscription plan?

    For Example, I sign up to receive 10 products per month on 1/25 and after I purchased all my 10 products on 1/26 my subscription automatically renewed on 2/25 where I expect to see another 10 products available for purchase. Will I be able to purchase another 10 products on 2/25 when my membership renews?

    2) My membership plan allows only 10 products per month but I want to be able to purchase all 10 products with the included membership plan limit and after be able to purchase however many products I’d like on a one-by-one basis. I am not able to purchase the 11th product under the same account because the membership limit is 10 and it blocks me from accesing the cart or purchasing 11th at the regular price.


    Hi Kateryna,

    Here are the steps you would need to follow in order to set this up. In the plugin’s settings :

    – General > Mode > Product Quantities
    – General > Date range > Last 30 days
    – General > Order statuses > Choose the relevant order statuses.
    – Formula > Limits by Formula > Enable

    And use a formula such as:

    [alg_wc_mppu limit="10" membership_plan="plan1"]

    This will set a limit of 10 products per user per 30 days with a “plan1” membership plan. After each 30 days the limit will reset.

    It is not possible to set 2 different time limits, meaning you cannot set a a limit of 120 products per year for your annual subscribers and 10 products per month for your monthly subscribers. The date range has to be the same for both membership plans.

    For your second question, I have not understood the issue. If a limit of 10 per user per month is set, then why allow them to purchase the 11th time?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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