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    Hi Pablo, thx for your quick reply. I made one mistake is my question.

    I can not add screen shots so i will write it out:
    The problem is at the product itself.
    Product X on my website is (in the backend) entered as a Regular price including Tax (21%) as €34.95. At the cost(exl. Tax) i entered €17.50.
    the plugin calculates the profit as €11.38 which is right but gives a Percentage of 65.05%.
    So the profit ammount calculated is right.

    Here comes the issue, the % of profit being 65.05% is not correct.
    The profit percentage should be
    €34.95/1.21 = €28.88 (price excluding Tax)
    Costs € 17.50
    Profit € 11.38
    Profit/price exluding tax is 39.40% (11.38/28.88)

    Right now The % on the website is the result of the profit (11.38) devided by the costs (17.50) but this is not a number to work with. As a bussiness owner the % of 39.40 tells me what my exact profits in % are related to the selling price exl. TAX

    Maybe i am still doing something wrong 🙂

    2.) thx i will buy the PRO version.

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