5 Best Inventory Management Plugins for WooCommerce - Easy Management

5 Best Inventory Management Plugins for WooCommerce – Easy Management

Whenever you dive into the e-commerce business online, reporting and record management must be your top priority. The reason is that without the inventory report and details, everything will be messed up. Remember that it’s not a piece of cake, but you have to put a lot of effort and dedication into everything you buy wholesale and sell to the customers. What’s now? Don’t worry! Inventory management plugins for wooCommerce have made businesses’ lives easier than ever.

5 Best Inventory Management Plugins for WooCommerce - Easy Management

An inventory management plugin for e-commerce takes all the heavy lifting, managing records for buying and selling products, giving a detailed stock report, showing history, and offering a lot of benefits. The plugin works like a virtual assistant where you need to put the details in pre-build rows and columns. Moreover, it will generate reports on its own without human effort.

In this comprehensive guide, we have shortlisted the top 5 inventory management plugins for e-commerce to help businesses manage everything without issues. So, let’s read on!\

1.  Stock Snapshot for WooCommerce

Stock Snapshot for WooCommerce

It is one of the best stock report and history management plugins for all WooCommerce businesses. It’s top of the list because of the benefits vendors can enjoy, keeping track of everything in one click. Suppose you are a beginner at e-commerce, but the Stock Snapshot plugin will give you an in-depth overview and insights into the inventory.

Moreover, you can analyze the stock on a periodical basis, helping you in further strategy-making for your store. Don’t buy stock randomly, but the plugin provides details about the inventory level. Analyze them and buy stock from the most selling products to the least ones.

Similarly, an optional email for available stock as a notification helps you become aware of the inventory anytime. It has several convenient options, such as the most demanded product, inventory trends, stock reports, and much more. Do you want to know more about it? Let’s have a look.

A Tool for Informed Inventory Management

It is a strategic and all-in-all tool for the vendors. It’s developed to give you helpful insights and benefits to the store owners at different levels. After using it, the detailed insights, inventory, buy and sell stocks, and everything will be at a glance in one tap. It automatically updates the history after a few intervals so that nothing remains uninformed to the vendors.

What is the benefit of informed inventory management? All the perks mentioned above help you make informed decisions based on the available history and data. It nullifies the chances of errors and makes everything smooth to run an online business.

Daily Stock Snapshot & Stock Monitoring

The plugin offers comprehensive functionality from stock handling to stock monitoring in one tap. The retailer can easily have a look at their stocks to make further buying and selling strategies.

The daily stock snapshot gives an overview of the available and sold stock every day. The virtual representation shows which product needs to be in stock and not. Moreover, the vendors have real-time inventory details for effective management of their online store.

Amazing Email Feature

It has an additional feature called report and stock update via email. It’s optional, so you can turn it ON/OFF as per your convenience. It sends the comprehensive stock report directly to your email. So, if you don’t have much time to open the store’s dashboard, you can still review the inventory graph via your email.

The primary benefit is that it always informs you about the inventory status so you can make informed decisions. No need to have an assistant to check things and update you but the plugin will keep you informed about everything.

Product History and Inventory Trends

It has advanced features to analyze and explore the historical data about the inventory or the individual products. The data shows the overall sales pattern, seasonal product demand, and everything necessary to make the store’s strategy.

Recall that it provides the stock snapshot. Here is good news for the vendors: you get complete access to the overall stock Snapchat history. It helps where the owners want to make the strategy based on monthly data. Yes, expanded data over an extensive period helps you build your brand according to the customer’s demands and satisfaction points.

Optimized Inventory Management

It means it’s a valuable asset and tool for the store owners for optimized inventory management. The functions are in your hands, and you can turn them OFF/ON according to your requirements.

It simplified the inventory management complexities such as product selling trends, demands, and much more. All the functions contribute to an easy solution for inventory management, stock reports, and overall store history.

Affordable Inventory Management System

For new businesses, it’s not easy to spend more to get store insights. Keeping this in mind, the developers have kept its price to the lowest to help you with all-in-all functions. Among other inventory management plugins, it’s the most affordable one. However, the benefits and functions offered by this plugin are impressive at such an economical price. Whether you buy it for a single store or several, it isn’t heavy on your pockets.

Easy to Use

Remember that it’s super easy to use and useful for all the store owners. What you have to do is go to its settings and choose the functions you want to turn ON or OFF. No more complexities, just simple toggle button options, and inventory management will be at your fingertips.

2.  Product Store Manager

Product Store Manager

It is a powerful tool for inventory management with different filters and options. Don’t worry! If the products have variations, you can manage inventory with these comprehensive plugins. The powerful filter allows you to filter things based on filters, product, product type, price, stock quantity, category, and more. The maintained log file helps get all the insights in one tap. Its comprehensive features are:

  • With managed and unmanaged stock options, you can add products and categories you want to manage.
  • Get the stock status from the settings whether you want.
  • Get backorder details and stock quantity logs after each sale you get. It means the plugins keep you updated all the time about the available stock.
  • Restock history is also available, where you can filter and analyze things to make further store strategies.
  • It offers other features like product names and SKUs, shipping classes, weight, tax status, special price, standard price, etc. Remember that these are additional features along with inventory management if you want to have them in your store.

3.  Store Apps Smart Manager

Store Apps Smart Manager

As the name suggests, it’s a smart manager for WooCommerce and WordPress stores, which helps you do hours of work in seconds. An advanced and reliable WooCommerce inventory plugin. It further helps create subscriptions, coupons, discounts, and much more to get more inventory insights. Moreover, its Excel-like sheet editor in WordPress offers a lot of benefits for controlling the overall functionality. It offers further benefits such as:

  • Smart sheet and table editor to edit things and make changes while indulging in lengthy procedures.
  • It has bulk stock management, including stock quantities, sale prices, regular prices, backorders, filters, deleted products, and much more.
  • If you have made mistakes while entering the details in the sheet, the bulk revert options allow you to correct them easily.
  • Admin columns and custom views for displaying and analyzing data.
  • Duplicate and delete products easily and export the analytics report in CSV for further analysis and filtering.

4.  PlainInventory Management

PlainInventory Management

It is a lightweight inventory management plugin that is helpful for all store owners because of its ease of use. It is more efficient and doesn’t burden your store because of its comprehensive features. This professional inventory management allows manage and check stocks easily with the following benefits:

  • It manages and offers real-time stock levels easily and online.
  • After analyzing the real-time stock, order the further inventory based on calculations.
  • It keeps track of the customers’ or buyers’ information for strategy making.
  • Check the utilization of all your inventory with weekly, daily, and monthly reports with inventory history.
  • It offers multiple language options so that you can understand the reports better in your language.

5.  ZapInventory WooCommerce Inventory Management

ZapInventory WooCommerce Inventory Management

It is a reliable plugin for easy integration for inventory management. You can have a look at all your inventory, import order details, customer feedback, customer biases, and much more with a single plugin. Here are some of its important perks for the business owners:

  • Single-click integration with your online store.
  • Real-time inventory details with import/export options.
  • Two-way authorization for secure import and export details.
  • It is an easy-to-use dashboard with all the common options on the home screen.
  • Available for multi-store management from a single place.

Final Words

It’s all about the best inventory management plugins for WooCommerce. Stock Snapshot for the WooCommerce plugin is our favorite because it doesn’t offer additional options other than inventory management. Moreover, it’s affordable and easy to use for everyone. Moreover, you can try other plugins too and choose according to your requirements.


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