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Top 6 EAN/GTIN Inventory Barcode Plugins for WooCommerce

In the world of WooCommerce, EAN (European Article Number), UPC (Universal Product Code), and Barcode are used alternatively. Simply, a barcode is a labeled encoded line (a special number) given to each product for easy warehouse management, product tracking, and data management. It’s a necessary part of the online business (whether big or small) to keep track of things and manage the inventory and sales. However, not every business requires the same functions from the barcode plugin to perform. Are you stuck?

Different barcode plugins are available online with individual characteristics, making choices challenging for the store owners. We have used, tested, and shortlisted the 6 best EAN and barcode plugins. Are you excited to know more about them? Learn more about the plugins, their working, and prominent features in this guide. Let’s begin!

1.  EAN Barcodes WooCommerce

EAN Barcodes WooCommerce

EAN barcodes for WooCommerce is a one-stop solution to manage your inventory uniquely. Whatever the store’s warehouse size (number of products), the plugin helps perform tasks without issues. Buy or sell products, keep everything tracked with individual barcodes.

Do you want something more for your eCommerce store? Thanks to the EAN barcode plugin for providing Barcode and QR code options in one click. Are you curious about the compatibility? No worries! We have tested it with several store types and found it compatible with all the primary GTIN types, including UPC, EAN-8, ISBN, EAN, etc.

Most importantly, it’s customizable according to the product type, product variations, and categories. Don’t leave without checking its prominent features below:

Comprehensive & Complete GTIN Support

It doesn’t matter what GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is; the plugin offers a wide range of functions and customization, keeping the store owners’ needs. Yes, it’s designed to give options for customers’ ease, too, for easy management while buying and selling the product.

It supports all the trendy GTIN formats, such as UPC, EAN-8, ISBN, MPN, etc. This prominent feature keeps your store rankings up in the SERPS with diverse options and helps customers trust your brand. Another benefit is that it arranges the product catalogs more managed using the barcodes.

Edit in Backend, Show in Frontend

Another plus for the store manager is to customize the display of the bar codes according to your business requirements. Edit and customize the codes in the backend and show what you want without hassle.

Now, you don’t need to think before creating the barcodes because the plugin allows you to put them wherever you want. Whether it’s the single product page, category page, catalog listing, cart summary, or email notification, choose your desired location to put the backcode to appear within a few clicks.

Full Control on Generation, Search, Assign & Select GTINs

Did you know about the Swiss knife? Actually, it’s a knife having everything an army person needed at the time. This plugin is also a Swiss army knife for store owners to manage things easily and helps streamline the products.

The tool brings a versatile set of functions, tools, settings, and overall management for the QR and barcodes. What you can do with it is to create, assign, generate, delete, manage, or search everything related to product management. Moreover, the bulk assigning of the codes is pretty simple now with this versatile plugin.

So we recommend you consider this tool to enjoy versatility, easy management, and everything helpful for your store management. Keep yourself ahead of hassle and manual work, and manage an ecommerce store or product database easily with this reliable plugin.

Full Variation Support & Realtime Update

The barcode management helps users to go through the product variations easily with customized and easily trackable barcodes. You always don’t need to check the barcode with the scanner, but the customized codes will make them easily trackable.

Similarly, when a user selects a product variation on your store, the plugin will change the barcode automatically with the location. This feature enhances transparency and easy tracking and depicts the accuracy of the product.

In terms of SEO, it also increases ranking in the SERP because of customers’ ease and satisfaction, reducing bounce rate. So, always be in a win-win situation after adding this plugin to your ecommerce store.

Display EAN in Orders, Emails, Admin Pages, and Everywhere

Inventory management is crucial whether it’s a small or big ecommerce store. So, the plugin assist makes the online presence easier with this wonderful barcode plugin. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best tools to smooth your presence, boost rankings, and assist customers.

So, don’t think much; keep a tight eye on your ecommerce products with EAN numbers or barcodes as references.

Fully Supports 1D (Standard) & 2D (QR) Barcodes

Regarding product management via barcodes, it’s necessary to consider the optimal barcodes according to today’s era requirements. The plugin offers reliable and universal sport for 1D and 2D barcodes, making things suitable according to the situation. From an SEO point of view, versatility is also a ranking factor boosting your business more than competitors. The right selection of the codes (barcode or QR code) increases the accessibility and discoverability of your products.

REST API Integration

The feature doesn’t end here because it brings another benefit, as explained further. Increase your product discoverability with EAN using API, allowing search engines to find your products smoothly. For example, when a user searches for a specific product, the API key helps search engines find your product easily. API handles such queries like a piece of cake. It helps increase the user experience and also the SEO ranking.

Allow Searching by EAN Everywhere

When we talk about search engine optimization for the product at your store, optimizing EAN numbers is also helpful. EAN number facilitates the users and the SEO strategy from the backend, increasing the overall user experience. Amazingly, the products get indexed easily, and users get the right product after searching in the SERPs.

2.  WooCommerce Order Barcodes

WooCommerce Order Barcodes

Another helpful plugin is to generate desired barcodes for each category or product at your online store. Other perks are e-ticket generation, reservation codes, packing slips, and other variety of similar tasks. It’s all available at an economical price, which any store owner can easily bear. If you want to learn more, check out the list of key features below:

  • Use it for e-tickets, reservations, packing slips, and similar tasks.
  • Make the order processing easier and streamlined by generating unique barcodes for each product. It’s helpful for easy retrieval of the order and product details and minimizes human errors.
  • It boosts the order processing, management, and tracking whenever you want.
  • It makes the process smooth and increases transparency by providing everything from the users’ end.
  • Track each product with a barcode and enjoy seamless benefits such as customer satisfaction and further product strategy for your store.

3.  YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes

YITH WooCommerce Barcodes and QR Codes

Automation is the primary thing in this digital era, and this plugin is totally developed to assist store owners. It’s a reliable plugin to apply the barcodes automatically in a few taps, leaving all the heavy lifting on it. Let’s learn how it can benefit you in the following ways:

  • It helps generate and apply the barcodes regardless of the number of products in your store. Yes, it works automatically.
  • The barcode scanning is very smooth for e-commerce order management, checking stock, and similar tasks.
  • It provides a printable barcode list to apply the labels on the product for tracking.
  • Show the barcodes on the product page from the settings automatically.
  • The barcodes are indexable so that users can find the product from the barcode.

4.  Order Barcodes for WooCommerce

Order Barcodes for WooCommerce

Envato Elements also helps users by providing barcode-generating plugins for WooCommerce. Add the codes (barcode or QR code) to process orders and inventory management with this reliable plugin. It also offers a scanning option for customer satisfaction to track products from the checkout summary or other pages. Don’t forget to check the key features below:

  • It generates the barcodes automatically on the order page and other product pages, eliminating the manual efforts.
  • The settings offer an option to add the barcodes to the invoices, order slips, or other places for customer satisfaction.
  • It also includes an easy scan form for tracking.
  • Compatible with tablets, smartphones, and PCs.
  • You can place the barcode at your desired location according to your store’s strategy without hassle.

5.  QR Codes & Barcode Generator Label Printing Plugin

QR Codes and Barcode Generator Label Printing Plugin

If you need more assistance, this plugin helps you generate barcodes ready for printing. It means it’s compatible with the sticker printer; that’s a plus. The primary options include a Scannable barcode, QR code, price, SKU number, and everything a WooCommerce business requires. Furthermore, it also allows you to add custom data if you want while printing the codes:

  • It allows printing the barcodes with product variations.
  • If you get it with a lifetime offer, the developers offer a lifetime update without paying further money.
  • The latest feature is that the code’s quality is under your control.
  • It has an option to add custom fields with the barcode label.
  • Lastly, it offers bulk printing with variations. Just choose the right settings, and the plugin will handle everything independently.

6.  Print Barcode Labels for WooCommerce Products

Print Barcode Labels for WooCommerce Products

Last, but not least, it’s not only helpful in creating customized barcodes but also promo codes for your store. It doesn’t matter whether you have dozens of products; it works accurately and automatically without human effort. It makes things easily trackable and prevents issues like wrong shipping of the products and similar errors. For more, read the following benefits:

  • It supports all the versions of WooCommerce with product variation, custom fields, and attributes.
  • Additional options for labels such as custom text, etc.
  • It supports a wide range of sizes for label printing, i.e., A4, P4, letter, etc.
  • The printed barcodes are readable with barcode scanners or mobile apps.
  • Integration of barcode API is helpful for bulk printing and product management.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it’s all about EAN/UPC barcode plugins for WooCommerce businesses.

We recommend you use the EAN Barcodes WooCommerce plugin because it’s economical, easy to use, and gives all the options necessary for inventory management. Similarly, other plugins are reliable and give individual benefits but not more than EAN barcodes WooCommerce.

So, list your requirements, match them with these shortlisted plugins, and choose the most suitable one for your store.

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