5 Best WooCommerce Multicurrency Addon Plugins to Boost Global Sales

5 Best WooCommerce Multicurrency Plugins to Boost Global Sales

Suppose you have created an online store and started targeting customers globally. It’s disappointing for the customer to see the prices in currencies other than the local ones because they are supposed to be fine with their local currencies. As a result, there are more chances that you will lose your customers because of a single currency integration. So, what would you do in such a situation? No worries! Woocommerce Multi-currency Addon plugins will take care of this problem.

Best WooCommerce Multicurrency Addon Plugins to Boost Global Sales

WooCommerce multi-currency add-on plugins help display the prices of the product in local currencies by automatic conversion. They automatically track the user’s location and display prices in the respective currencies. Some plugins provide only the conversion, but many offer additional features as a plus.

To help you out, this guide will explain everything about the WooCommerce Multi-currency plugins, making selection easier. We have shortlisted the lightweight and reliable plugins with all-in-all helpful features. So, let’s read on!


1.  Marketplace for WooCommerce – Multicurrency Addon

Marketplace for WooCommerce – Multicurrency Addon

It’s one of the best currency changer plugins for all the eCommerce stores. It benefits everyone with multiple currency options, especially the most used currencies like Euro, USD, Australian Dollar, AED, Canadian Dollar, Pounds, etc. It builds trust, making your store a single stop for shopping. It helps businesses to deal with global customers easily with several automatic options.

Just a single sign-up is required, and all the settings are in your hands. From standard currency conversion to others, it’s all possible with a single plugin. So, don’t think much; use this plugin and get a flexible and dynamic approach for your business.

Adapt the most wanted currencies by updating them with the present currency rate in the open market. No loss, nothing lengthy, enjoy more sales with several plugins. Let’s have a look at its primary features below:

Enhanced Marketplace Experience

This plugin helps enhance the marketplace experience with flexible payment options. It’s an opportunity for the vendors to target more people from different geographical locations. Automatic conversion with the present currency rate requires no human effort, and you always feel in a win-win situation.

It means the vendors and customers can make transactions in multiple currencies. Similarly, the vendors can withdraw in multiple currencies if they feel it benefits them in any way. The primary features are to help more customers globally and enhance the overall user experience.

A Perfect Addon for Businesses

It’s a perfect add-on to enhance the customer experience with multiple options. On the other hand, it’s beneficial for the store’s visibility in SERPs because search engines like multiple options for customer satisfaction.

This plugin provides a secure, easy-to-use, and all-in-all platform to sign up once and set up everything about currencies. The settings, options, and functionality are surprisingly easy and made for high customization. Once you register as a business, you can customize the options for multiple currencies and earn a commission without any loss.

An Appealing WooCommerce Store

It’s best if all the customers can shop from your store. However, it’s possible with this reliable currency converter plugin to cater to the concentration of everyone. It shows your store’s flexibility, makes financial management a breeze, and makes it appealing to global customers.

As a result, such flexibility and diversity cause success in selling products with ease, especially for the users. Furthermore, the analytics will tell you which currency is performing best at your store. Yeah, it further helps make store strategies to boost sales, revenue, and customer experience.

Simple Settings without Guidance

No worries if you are new to store management; the extension makes it easier to set up currency in a few clicks. The plugin automatically calculates the commissions concerning the selected currency. You have to go to WooCommerce > Settings > Marketplace > Multi-Currency, and it’s all done.

Rounding Options and Precision

For example, you get a value that is unpayable with decimals. Don’t worry! It has rounding options that make decisions automatically according to the current value, including Round, Roundup, and Round down. This way, all the payments are rounded automatically, benefiting customers and business owners.

Furthermore, it also has a rounding precision option for customized experience. What you have to do is to add the precise value and enable it from the settings. Further, it will take the round-off decisions according to your customized settings.

Currencies and Automatic Currency Exchange Options

This feature reduces the human effort with multiple currency settings. The automatic currency exchange option automatically converts the amount by verifying the present currency rate for each selected currency.

Moreover, you can also select your trusted bank, for example, Europe Central Bank (ECB), to verify and apply the exchange rate. Similarly, it has several banks for currency exchange rate conversion.

On the other hand, it has several currency options to calculate things more precisely, such as Vendor, order, shop, etc. So, what you want to display to the customers for a better user experience is up to you.

Make Currency Conversion Hassle-free

In short, Marketplace for WooCommerce Multi Currency addon offers versatility to the store owners and the users. Earn from flexible commission options, unique for each currency, and boost sales with convenience.

It’s perfect to adapt to the digital era of financial adaptability, make everything hassle-free with automation, and focus on your WooCommerce growth. Yes, the plugin will take care of everything without human effort.

2.  Marketplace Multi Currency for WordPress WooCommerce

Marketplace Multi Currency for WordPress WooCommerce

It’s a simple plugin that displays the prices in different currencies by detecting the user’s location. You don’t need different payment plugins, but this single plugin will handle all the currency conversions and payments for your global customers. Here, check out some of its important features in the following:

  • The Store’s admin can easily handle multiple currencies from the settings without integrating several payment options.
  • It allows shoppers to shop in their local currency by automatically handling currency conversions in the backend.
  • The owners can easily set up the default currency and also give other currency options depending on the audience’s preferences.
  • It has an option to give access to set the currency rates to the users and admins as an additional option.
  • It’s also useful for multi-vendor marketplaces.

3.  YayMail Premium Addon for WCFM Marketplace

YayMail Premium Addon for WCFM Marketplace

Primarily, it’s an email creator and a premium addon for WooCommerce marketplaces. If you are using WCFM, Surprisingly, it’s compatible with all its versions. It’s a highly compatible extension to create emails with different useful options for the vendors. Here are some important benefits:

  • It’s a compatible extension to create emails with different options.
  • It’s a virtual email generator with drag-and-drop builders for easy and time-saving customization.
  • If you want personalized options, it allows the admin to add shortcodes.
  • A comprehensive email verification option.
  • It’s an all-in-all email manager for WooCommerce.

4.  WCVendors


As the name suggests, it’s a specialized plugin for WooCommerce marketplaces and businesses. Simple subscription and one-time payment gives several benefits, including physical goods management, subscriptions, and more. If you want to know more, here are some crucial benefits:

  • It provides all-in-all solutions for physical products such as electronic, farmer, or similar marketplaces.
  • It’s featured by several top brands due to its amazing usability.
  • It can easily manage the services marketplaces.
  • You can easily offer subscriptions.
  • For affiliation, it offers options for second-hand marketplaces.

5.  YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor / Marketplace

 YITH WooCommerce Multi Vendor Marketplace

Do you want to convert your store into a global marketplace? It’s all possible with the YiTh WooCommerce Multi Vendor plugin. It helps generate orders and earn commissions in several currencies. Let’s have a look at its important characteristics:

  • It helps create amazing marketplaces in a short time, like Ali Express, etc.
  • It monitors insights, handles orders, and takes care of everything without issues.
  • Earn commission by generating a marketplace with different options.
  • For different options, it build trust and makes your store popular with rankings.

Bottom Lines

In conclusion, the Multi-currency plugin helps cater to customers from different regions of the world. The Marketplace for WooCommerce – Multicurrency Addon is our favorite due to its comprehensive currency conversions and handling features. In our experience, it’s specially designed for multi-currency and order handling with all-in-all options. On the other hand, you can also try other plugins that match your requirements.


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