The Final Answer - How do I add email verification to WooCommerce

The Final Answer: How do I add email verification to WooCommerce?

Looking to ensure that your WooCommerce store has only legit sign-ups? Say goodbye to spam registrations with a nifty email verification step. It’s a breeze to set up, and I’m here to guide you through it. We’ll explore the top-notch tools available right on WordPress that’ll help you keep those pesky fake emails at bay. So, let’s dive into this guide and lock down your site with some solid email verification tactics.

How do I add email verification to WooCommerce?

Let’s talk about keeping in touch with your awesome customers. You know how it goes, you’ve got deals to share, packages zipping across the country, and you want to keep everyone in the loop about their orders. Well, guess what? Having your customer’s email locked down makes this whole dance a heck of a lot smoother.

Picture this: an email pops up in your customer’s inbox, “Bam! Your order’s shipped!” or “Hey, check out this sweet deal!” It’s like a direct line to their world. And let’s not forget the cherry on top – verifying those emails means you’re halfway to knowing they’re the real deal. It’s like a secret handshake that says, “Yep, I’m me, and I’m ready for that package.”

Now, imagine your customers breezing through checkout without breaking a sweat. No more typing out their life story every time they want to snag your latest offerings. Their info’s all there, saved and snug as a bug. And for you? It means fewer headaches with cash-on-delivery dropouts.

But here’s the real kicker: that little email verification? It’s not just a one-and-done deal. It’s the start of a beautiful friendship. You’ve got the green light to slide into their inbox with the hottest offers, keeping them coming back for more. That’s how you turn a one-time buyer into a lifelong fan. So keep those emails coming and watch your community grow!

Why Use a Tool for Email Verification?

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Perhaps you’re wondering if it’s really important to use an email verification service or how I can add email verification to WooCommerce. Verifying your leads is advantageous for you and your company for several reasons. 

Conserve Time and Money

Reducing expenses allows you to allocate more time and funds toward expanding your business and accomplishing your objectives. Email verification systems remove spammers and short-lived email addresses from the list of addresses that lead to active clients.  

They handle the task so you can be sure you are working with only confirmed and trustworthy contacts. 

Assemble an Appropriate Target Group

Eliminating unnecessary connections frees up additional space for you to develop an audience-focused email list.   

No matter how good your campaigns or products are, your efforts will be in vain if you don’t sell to the correct individuals. By confirming your leads, you can make sure that the appropriate people see your marketing efforts, boost engagement, and guide them along the conversion funnel. 

Boost Income

You might benefit from having a targeted audience to promote by having your email contacts verified. You may tailor your message, goods, and more by developing targeted email marketing campaigns. Additionally, the more you satisfy the wants and needs of your audience, the more probable it is that they will make a purchase. 

How do I add email verification to WooCommerce and how can I pick the top tool for email verification?

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Choosing the best email verification service for your requirements involves taking into account a number of important factors. Let’s dissect them: 

  • Accuracy: To guarantee dependable email verification, look for high accuracy rates, preferably above 95%. 
  • Speed: For effective marketing, take into account providers who can handle hundreds or even more verifications every hour. 
  • Price: Select adaptable price structures that fit your spending plan without sacrificing quality. 
  • Integration: Select a solution that works in unison with your CRM and email marketing systems. 
  • Support: Always seek for services with knowledgeable and accommodating customer care representatives. 
  • Security: Verify that the product complies with local data protection laws, such as the GDPR for data security. 

The Greatest WordPress Tools for Email Verification

Let’s discuss some email verification solutions you can. How do I add email verification to WooCommerce and then employ it for your WordPress website now that we know why they’re helpful? 


With the help of validation tools like SMTP checks, catch-all domain filtering, email deduplication, email verification API, and syntax eliminator, DeBounce is a powerful email verification tool that can help you ensure that your email lists are clean and reduce bounce rates. Easy list administration is made possible by the platform’s intuitive interface, which also offers comprehensive reporting and improved domain safety by eliminating dangerous and invalid email addresses, including spam. 


You can locate, enlarge, and validate contact details and email addresses with Dropcontact. 

This tool’s enrichment feature is by far its best selling point. Dropcontact checked from a list of 800 right emails, and it was able to discover the proper email addresses for 32 out of the 200 inaccurate emails. 


With the use of an artificial intelligence scoring system, ZeroBounce is a real-time email validation solution that can inform you whether the addresses in your marketing list are active. The given score range gives you a better indication of the likelihood of getting through to the other end of the email. It performs an excellent job of eliminating misspelled and nonexistent addresses.   

Additionally, it is capable of precisely identifying and eliminating known abusive addresses, spam traps, and addresses from non-accepting domains. 

Commonly Asked Questions about How do I add email verification to WooCommerce?

What is the process for verifying emails?

Email verification usually entails verifying an email address’s syntax, domain, and mailbox presence. While domain validation confirms the presence of the domain linked to the email address, syntax validation makes sure the email is formatted correctly. Ultimately, the confirmation of mailbox existence verifies if the email address is capable of receiving messages. 

I have an email list already. Can I use an email checker plugin with it?

Of course! The majority of WordPress email checker plugins let you import and validate pre-existing email lists.   

By doing this, you may purge your existing database and make sure that the email addresses you are interacting with are real and active. 

How frequently ought my email list to be verified?

Your unique demands and email activity will determine how frequently your email list is verified. Verifying your email list is advised at least once every few months, or more frequently if you see a rise in bounce rates. Frequent verification keeps your communication routes effective and aids in maintaining list hygiene. 

Is it possible to get a free email checker plugin?

Indeed, there are a number of free email checker plugins available for WordPress, such as the previously mentioned Check Email plugin. But be aware that free plugins can have restrictions on the functions they offer or the quantity of email verifications you can do in a day.   

In selecting the ideal plugin, take your needs and financial constraints into account. 

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