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Advanced Options Overview

The Advanced Options of the Automated Order Status Controller plugin empower users with a myriad of customization possibilities.

Here’s a detailed exploration of its key functionalities

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1. Save Status Change On

Users can specify events triggering status changes, including order status changes and subscription status changes. This feature ensures precise control over status updates, enhancing transparency and accountability.

2. Process Rules On

Users can define when rules are processed, such as during order status changes, checkout order processing, or subscription status changes. This granular control ensures that rules are executed at the optimal moments in the order lifecycle.

3. Statuses

The plugin provides compatibility with both WooCommerce Order Statuses and WooCommerce Subscription Statuses, enabling seamless integration with diverse store setups.

4. Meta Box

Users can choose to display meta boxes for orders and subscriptions, facilitating convenient access to rule settings and status history within the WordPress admin interface.

5. Allow Rules Processing via URL

Enabling this option allows users to initiate rule processing via a custom URL, providing flexibility in automation setups and facilitating integration with external systems.

6. Disabled Conditions

Users can selectively disable conditions such as minimum/maximum amounts, quantities, payment gateways, shipping methods, and more. This level of granularity enables precise rule configurations tailored to specific scenarios.

7. Debug

Enabling debug mode adds a log to WooCommerce status logs, facilitating troubleshooting and error diagnosis for enhanced reliability.

8. Orders Query Options

Users can customize order query options, affecting periodical processing, rules processing via URL, and manual rule execution.

9. Order Status History Options

Options for managing order status history, including handling empty order status history and specifying actions for non-matching order statuses.

10. Periodical Processing Options

Users can choose between using WP cron or Action Scheduler for periodic rule processing, depending on their server setup and preferences.

11. Compatibility Options

The plugin offers compatibility options for specific themes, ensuring seamless integration with popular WordPress themes such as “Doctreat” by AmentoTech.