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Overview of Tools

The tools provided by the Automated Order Status Controller plugin serve as invaluable assets for WooCommerce store owners.

Here’s a closer look at these tools and their functionalities

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1. Next Cron Event Information

This tool provides users with essential information about the next scheduled cron event, including the date, time, and duration until the event occurs. This insight allows users to plan and prepare for upcoming automated tasks effectively.

2. Run All Rules Now

With the “Run all rules now” tool, users can trigger the execution of all defined rules instantly. This feature is particularly useful when users need immediate processing of rules without waiting for scheduled cron events. By simply checking the box and saving changes, users can expedite order processing with ease.

3. Reset Settings

The “Reset Settings” tool offers a convenient way to revert section settings to their default configurations. Whether users need to undo recent changes or start afresh, this tool ensures a quick and hassle-free reset process.