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Extra Functionality Overview

The extra functionality provided by the Automated Order Status Controller plugin allows users to customize default order statuses for different payment methods.

Here’s a closer look at how this feature works

1. Default Order Status

Users can specify the default order status that will be applied to orders when certain payment methods are used. This ensures consistency and clarity in order processing, regardless of the payment method chosen by the customer.

2. Process Payment Order Status

For each payment method supported by WooCommerce, users can define the order status that will be updated when the payment is processed. This feature ensures that orders progress through the appropriate stages of fulfillment based on the payment method used.

3. Payment Methods

Users can customize default order statuses for various payment methods, including direct bank transfer, check payments, and cash on delivery (COD). By tailoring order status settings to each payment method, users can optimize their order processing workflows to meet specific business needs.


Streamlined Order Processing: By setting default order statuses for different payment methods, users can automate the initial stages of order fulfillment, reducing manual intervention and streamlining the overall process.

Enhanced Clarity and Consistency: Consistent order statuses across different payment methods provide clarity to both customers and store administrators, ensuring everyone understands the status of each order at a glance.

Improved Customer Experience: Clear and transparent order processing enhances the customer experience, instilling confidence and trust in your store’s reliability and professionalism.

Customization Options: The ability to customize default order statuses for different payment methods offers flexibility to adapt order processing workflows to suit specific business requirements and preferences.