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Setting MyAccount Tab

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“My Account” Options Overview

The “My Account” Options feature enhances the user experience by integrating detailed order status history into the customer’s account page.

Here’s a breakdown of its key functionalities

1. My Account > Orders Enable

Enabling this option adds the order status history to the “My Account > Orders” section, allowing customers to track the progress of their orders conveniently.

2. Position

Users can specify the position of the order status history within the “My Account > Orders” section. Whether it’s before the status column, after each order record, or at the end of the page, this flexibility ensures seamless integration with your store’s layout.

3. Templates

Users can customize the display format of the order status history using templates. Available placeholders such as %current_status%, %record_nr%, %record_date%, %record_time%, %status_from%, and %status_to% offer granular control over the presentation of order status changes.

4. Reverse Status History

Enabling this option reverses the order of status history entries, ensuring that the most recent changes are displayed first. This feature provides a more intuitive viewing experience for customers, allowing them to quickly assess the current status of their orders.


Improved Transparency: By displaying detailed order status history, customers gain insight into the progress of their orders, fostering trust and confidence in your store.

Enhanced Convenience: Customers can conveniently track order status changes directly from their account page, eliminating the need for manual inquiries or support requests.

Customization Options: The ability to customize the position and format of order status history entries allows you to tailor the display to suit your store’s branding and layout.

Streamlined Communication: Providing transparent order tracking reduces the need for customer inquiries, freeing up your support team to focus on more pressing matters.