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Hide and Redirect Coupons Options

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Maintaining a Streamlined Checkout: Exploring Hide and Redirect Options in Coupons & Add to Cart by URL for WooCommerce

The Coupons & Add to Cart by URL for WooCommerce plugin goes a step further by offering options to manage coupon input fields and customer redirects, creating a cleaner checkout experience.

Here’s a breakdown of these functionalities

Hide Coupon Options

Cart page

  • Hide: Activate this option to remove the standard coupon input field from the cart page. This can be helpful when you primarily promote URL-based coupons, eliminating confusion for customers.

Checkout page

  • Hide: Similar to the cart page, you can choose to hide the standard coupon input field on the checkout page as well.

Hide condition

  • Hide if coupon applied via URL: This setting hides the input field only if a coupon has already been applied through a URL. This prevents customers from accidentally entering a code that might conflict with the URL promotion.
  • Always hide: Opt for this if you want to completely remove the standard coupon input field from both the cart and checkout pages.

Redirect Options (Pro Version Only)

Redirect URL

  • No redirect: Customers remain on the current page after using a URL coupon.
  • Redirect to cart: This automatically redirects users to the cart page after a successful URL coupon application.
  • Redirect to checkout: Customers are directly taken to the checkout page for a faster purchase flow.
  • Redirect to custom local URL: Define a specific URL on your website to redirect users to after using a URL coupon.

Redirect URL per Coupon (Pro Version Only)

  • Enable: This unlocks the ability to set unique redirect URLs for individual coupons within the coupon edit screen. This allows for highly targeted post-purchase actions based on the specific promotion used. (https://wpfactory.com/item/url-coupons-woocommerce/)

Additional Notes

  • If you redirect users to a page where WooCommerce notices aren’t displayed, the plugin provides a shortcode [alg_wc_url_coupons_print_notices] to display relevant messages.
  • A “Reset Settings” option allows you to easily revert all settings within this section to their defaults.