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URL Coupons Options

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Fine-Tuning Your Promotions: A Look at Coupons & Add to Cart by URL for WooCommerce Functionality

The Coupons & Add to Cart by URL for WooCommerce plugin goes beyond simple coupon application. It empowers you to craft highly targeted promotions that enhance the customer experience.

Let’s delve into the various functionalities offered by the plugin’s settings

URL Coupons Options

  • Enable Plugin: This activates the core functionality of the plugin, allowing you to create URL-based coupons.

General Options


  • Force session starts when a URL with the coupon key is accessed: This ensures guest users (non-logged-in) can benefit from URL coupons. Sessions track user activity, and enabling this guarantees coupon application even without an account.
  • Force session start earlier and everywhere: If guest users still experience issues with coupon applications, particularly on cached websites, activate this option to initiate sessions even earlier in the browsing process.

Add products to the cart (Pro Version Only)

  • Enable: This feature, exclusive to the Pro version, automatically adds products associated with a “Fixed product discount” coupon to the cart when a URL coupon is used.
  • Empty cart: Choose to clear the cart before adding the coupon’s products, ensuring the focus remains on the promoted items.

Delay Coupon Options

  • Enable section: This allows you to configure a delay in applying the coupon until a specific condition is met.
  • Delay applying the coupon until some product is added to the cart: Activate this option to hold off on applying the coupon until a customer adds any product to their cart. This can be useful for encouraging them to browse and potentially add more items.

Delay on non-empty cart

  • No: Coupons are applied immediately even if the cart isn’t empty.
  • Yes: Coupons are delayed until a product is added if the cart is initially empty.
  • Check product (for “Fixed product discount” type coupons): This refines the delay behavior for “Fixed product discount” coupons. The coupon will only be applied if a relevant product (linked to the coupon) is added to the cart, preventing accidental discounts.

Success and Error Notices

The plugin provides customizable messages for various scenarios

  • Success notice: This appears when a coupon is successfully applied through a URL.
  • Error notice: Coupon already applied: Informs customers if the same coupon has already been used.
  • Error notice: Coupon does not exist: Alerts customers if the provided coupon code is invalid.

By understanding and configuring these settings, you can create targeted promotions that not only incentivize purchases but also streamline the shopping experience for your customers.