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Notice Options

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Fine-Tuning Your Messaging: Exploring Notice Options in Coupons & Add to Cart by WooCommerce

The Coupons & Add to Cart by URL for WooCommerce plugin understands the importance of clear communication. It provides a range of “Notice Options” to customize how coupon application is displayed to customers, ensuring a smooth and informative shopping experience.

Let’s delve into these functionalities

Delay Notice (Free Version)

  • Delay: This option allows you to postpone the “Coupon code applied successfully” message if a customer uses a URL coupon with an empty cart. The notice will only appear once they add at least one product, preventing confusion for those browsing without purchase intent.

Custom Notice (Pro Version Only)

  • Enable: Activate this feature to craft unique messages specific to each coupon. This lets you tailor the message to the promotion and provide additional details or instructions.
  • A “URL Coupons: Notice” field will appear on each coupon’s edit screen within the WooCommerce admin panel.
  • Override global notice: When using custom “per coupon” notices, enabling this option removes any globally configured “Custom notice” to ensure only the relevant message is displayed.
  • Override default notice: Similarly, you can choose to remove the default “Coupon code applied successfully” message if you’ve created custom notices.

Notice Method

  • Add: This inserts your custom notice before the existing message (success, error, or standard notice).
  • Append: Place your custom notice after the existing message.

Notice Type

  • Success: Use this for positive messages confirming successful coupon application.
  • Error: Select this for notices regarding errors, such as an invalid coupon code.
  • Notice: Choose this for neutral informational messages.

Notice Glue

This setting refines how your custom notice interacts with the existing message (if applicable). Options might include adding a space, line break, or other separators.

Reset Settings

A “Reset Settings” option allows you to easily revert all settings within this section to their defaults.

By using these Notice Options effectively, you can craft clear and informative messages that enhance the customer experience. From providing additional details about promotions to ensuring timely feedback on coupon applications, this functionality empowers you to create a more transparent and engaging shopping journey for your customers.