Is it possible to renew the limit every month?

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    hello together,

    we use memberpress with your plugin: Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce.
    memberpress has a membership that is paid every month.
    If we add a maximum of 20 products to your plugin, does the quota renew every month?
    We have digital products that should be limited to 20 downloads per month.
    is this possible with your plug in?

    Thanks in advance

    Plugin Support


    Thanks for reaching out.

    You can’t set the limit for a product for a specific amount of time with Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce plugin. For cases like yours, our another plugin Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce would be a better fit. The plugin is compatible with WooCommerce Memberships plugin. It works with both virtual and downloadable products and allows you to set a limit for a specific amount of time. If purchasing limitations are exceeded, the plugin will take necessary action.

    So, after activating Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce plugin, please follow the general steps below:

    1. First assign all your digital products to a particular category and let’s say the category ID is 12,

    2. Then please navigate to WooCommerce > Settings > Maximum Products per User > General. Then select the Date range to This month and set Order statuses to appropriate order status,

    2. Next, navigate to the Limits section and enable Per product category option,

    3. Now go to the Formula section, enable the Limit by formula option and paste shortcode such as

    [alg_wc_mppu limit="20" term_id="12" membership_plan="basic"]

    The name of the membership plan will depend on your WooCommerce membership setup.

    This limit will rest every month.

    I hope you found this information beneficial. If you have any other questions or need assistance, please contact me.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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