Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts in 2024

Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts in 2024

What if you could boost sales, expand your clientele, and get rid of outdated stock by using the Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts?

One really simple method to accomplish all of this is to offer discounts on your items!

Although discounts are not supported by WooCommerce by default, you can always add a discount plugin to enable discounts on your store. By using these plugins, you may incentivize customers to buy additional units by setting pricing rules on your WooCommerce website.

To make it easier for you to choose the best discount plugin for your WooCommerce website, we’ll go over some of the top options in this post.

Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts

Handling sales and discounts in your internet store may be challenging. They may draw in business and aid in inventory clearance, but they might also damage your reputation and financial results. If you manage a WooCommerce store, you are familiar with this difficulty.

Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts are specialized solutions designed to address this. These are not your average discount code plugins.

They provide you the ability to design clever promos, including tailored discounts depending on who is shopping and what they are purchasing. Moreover, dynamic pricing may be used, with special offers and large discounts to entice customers to make additional purchases. To save effort and keep consistency, you may also use sophisticated rules to automate everything.

The finest aspect? These plugins provide your consumers with savings that are easy to grasp and make buying more enjoyable. But with so many alternatives accessible, it might be difficult to make the proper decision.

Don’t worry at all! You may follow this article to learn about the top 17 WooCommerce discount plugins for 2024. To assist you in selecting the best option for your shop, we will evaluate their attributes, benefits, and costs.

Are you prepared to boost your e-commerce business and take full advantage of strategic discounts? Explore the world of discount plugins for WooCommerce right now!

Why use plugins for discounts?

The WooCommerce Discount plugin allows you to create and manage a variety of discounts, including conditional discounts, tier pricing discounts, flash sales, percentage / fixed discounts, bundle discounts, bulk discounts, dynamic pricing discounts, and more.

WooCommerce does not come with an automated discount creation option by default. As a result, discounts generated using a discount plugin will be added to the customer’s basket automatically.

To draw in and keep more clients, you can also build customized and targeted discounts with a WooCommerce discount plugin thanks to its customizable features.

Our Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts

We’ve a catered set of plugins to help you automate a tone of work when it comes to setting up discounts for your products. Let’s examine some of the Best Plugins for WooCommerce Discounts in more detail.

Free shipping over amount

Customized Message Settings Based on Rules

Let’s face it, customers love free delivery. Make no mistake, free shipping still qualifies as a discount, you can show amount left for free shipping on your WooCommerce store and boost user experience with our Amount Left for Free Shipping plugin. Empower customers with real-time updates on remaining amounts they need to spend to qualify for free shipping.

Instantly activated coupons

URL Activated Ready Coupon

Give your customers a hassle-free experience by allowing them to land on your product page with coupons activated directly through URLs plugin.

Enable your customers to activate coupons instantly with just a click of a link, bypassing the hassle of entering codes.

Customize the URL parameter for coupon application in your plugin settings to match your brand’s terms and tone. Say goodbye to copying and pasting codes—a single click does the trick!

Dynamic pricing & bulk quantity discounts

Dynamic Pricing Bulk Quantity Discounts Main Image

With our dynamic pricing tool, harness the power of our dynamic pricing tool to tailor prices uniquely across product quantities, categories, tags, or the entire cart content.

Craft and execute flexible pricing strategies, whether you’re targeting individual products or the total cart volume. Drive bulk purchases and watch your sales and customer satisfaction soar!

Discount product prices

wpfactory Marketing Promotion

The Discount Products Prices in WooCommerce plugin  empowers effortless implementation of sweeping discounts throughout your online store.

From store-wide sales to targeted product group promotions, it boasts customizable features to align with your promotional objectives. Its flexibility and efficiency in managing discounts make it an indispensable asset for sales campaigns, seasonal promotions, and any discount-centric marketing initiatives.

Coupon and discount by user role

wpfactory Marketing Promotion

With the Coupon & Discount by User Role for WooCommerce plugin, fine-tune your coupon strategies to efficiently cater to various user roles. Enhance your WooCommerce store’s functionality by having the capability to disable or invalidate selected coupons or all coupons for certain user roles. You can even set unique coupon values for each role, creating a more personalized shopping experience.

Name your price

Customer Driven Price Negotiation

With Name your price plugin, empower your customers with the Make an Offer button, where they can name their price for a product, allowing you to have open pricing negotiations.

Positioned on product pages, this button invites customers to name their own price, fostering a more interactive and engaging shopping experience.

Robust Backend Offer Management

Effortlessly manage customer price offers by choosing to accept, reject, or counter with an alternative price. This feature empowers you to tackle each price proposal strategically, guaranteeing that every deal meets your business objectives and keeps customers involved.

Customize Your WooCommerce Stores Email Notifications

Automatically receive email notifications when a customer makes an offer.

Tailor these emails to particular recipients, subjects, headings, and content templates for effective communication and management of price proposals, keeping you updated and actively involved in the negotiation process.

Coupon code generator

wpfactory Marketing Promotion

Coupon Code Generator for WooCommerce Pro plugin is a dynamic tool designed to enhance your WooCommerce store’s marketing and customer retention strategies.

Automatically create coupons triggered by specific order statuses, such as Order Completed.

Tailored to offer a personalized experience, it generates coupons as fixed amounts or percentages, catering to various customer interactions and purchase behaviors.


Don’t be scared to try new things! Ultimately, experimenting with a few possibilities is the best method to select a WooCommerce discount plugin. It won’t take long to locate the ideal fit for your shop.

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