Best EUUK VAT Manager for WooCommerce Plugins for Your Stores

Best 5 Plugins to Validate & Remove EU VAT for WooCommerce

WooCommerce management looks breezy but not as everyone thinks. VAT (value-added Tax) is an important consideration for people checking out on your eCommerce Store.

It shows the store’s transparency, simplicity, and predictability on WooCommerce stores. Remember that there are different policies for EU and UK residents, but you don’t need to do all the heavy lifting because the you can make use of EU/UK VAT validation plugins to take care of everything while checking out.

In actuality, the EU/UK manager for WooCommerce helps keep everything simple by calculating everything from the user’s end. However, choosing a reliable VAT management plugin can be a daunting task.

With a detailed overview, this guide will explain some of the best EU/UK VAT managers for WooCommerce plugins. So, let’s read on!

1.    EU/UK VAT Manager for WooCommerce

EUUK VAT Manager for WooCommerce

EU/UK VAT Manager for WooCommerce is the first-ever reliable, easy-to-use, and all-in-all solution for VAT compliance. A one-stop solution for all eCommerce store owners to automate VAT, how taxes are applied, validates (VIES), and everything about the customer’s compliance. Still confused? Here are some important features to easily manage the VAT issues for your eCommerce store.

Advanced real-time & Accurate VAT Validation

Enjoy the automation of EU/UK VAT management in one tap, and access the EU and UK databases like a breeze. The integration of the latest technology allows users to verify things instantly by increasing the credibility of all their shopping transactions.

But that’s not completed here; the plugin serves some extra mile by taking care of your name, country, number, and IP address. Yeah! It’s necessary for fool-proof VAT validation.

It’s an automated plugin that takes input from the store manager and processes the payments and further things accordingly. However, it takes care of the transparency and other validations on its own.

Customizable & Intuitive Frontend Interface Options

Regarding VAT management, a single algorithm or value doesn’t work due to geographical differences. However, our tailored solution tailors the solutions based on your region, language, and other preferences while checking out from the store. Determining these quantities is necessary for a smooth transaction, which the plugin takes care of.

For an enhanced experience, it generates different messages based on different scenarios to keep transparency, enhances clarity, and keeps things foolproof during checkout. Isn’t it a plus? Indeed, customizable VAT management is the real hack for online store owners.

Flexible VAT Regulations Compliance Options

Flexibility is important whether it’s an ecommerce store or a physical shop. The plugin preserves the VAT specific for different countries with individual rates. Similarly, it applies the rates according to the user’s personalization on your store. Further, it shows a comprehensive customization option, putting everything under control for the users. Most importantly, everything is under the latest VAT regulations. The regulations, options, and settings are updated with the new regulations.

Seamless VAT Number Input

The plugin allows users to add different VAT number inputs to accommodate everyone, whether they belong to any region of the world. It’s all to keep the transactions hassle-free, easy to process, and simple. For example, if you live in one state, the VAT number will differ from the other state before applying the VAT.

Full control of field setting

The plugin offers complete versatility with various requirements to adapt. It surprisingly manages the country-based demands, mandatory fields, and optional functions in one place. It prods everyone gently to fill all the required entities when something is left empty.

In short, you have full control over the settings shown to the users purchasing from your WooCommerce store. Not all plugins offer this option, but nowadays, it’s necessary to handle the overall situations with an easy interface (without wandering on the complex settings).

Real-Time validation messages

Engage your customers by showing everything with enhanced transparency. It talks to the customers with real-time messages till the completion of the validation, increasing the user experience and building customer trust.

The first key element here is to show what’s actually happening here. The notification shows what’s happening until the validation gets completed. These two elements are necessary to keep everything under control for the store owners and the users.

Belgium VAT Special Handling

Get exceptional services for Belgium VAT/BTW requirements. It’s a tool specially personalized to give Belgium citizens the necessary VAT information till validation. Doesn’t matter if you are a business or an individual, it provides information about needed VAT, facilitating differentiating handling. Yeah, it handles each group among the users without issues.

PDF invoice integration

It guarantees you get the VAT number on the automatically generated PDF invoice. It creates complete harmony by smoothly integrating the PDF invoices like real shopping slips. It underscores the automatic VAT number integration requirement in the invoice without human effort. The function is not only validated to certain invoice-generating plugins, but its versatility makes it compatible with several packaging and slip plugins. In short, you can completely rely on this feature for each user’s invoice and VAT number integration.

Collect VAT at Signup

Last but not least, it collects VAT numbers in the heart of the WooCommerce sign-up form. It means it collects all the necessary information from the very first step, which is necessary for overall transparency. When you add the information from the beginning, it keeps everything smooth and better for the users. Another important thing is that you have everything you need, which is very effective in eCommerce for both the businesses and the users.

2.    YITH WooCommerce EU VAT, OSS & IOSS


YITH WooCommerce EU VAT, OSS & IOSS is another useful plugin to manage VAT rated for the EU. It’s an all-in-all tool to effectively manage the EU VAT for B2C, reduce the amount of tax for B2C orders, and enable the OSS (One Stop Shop) procedure. It benefits the users in the following ways:

  • It surprisingly pinpoints the customer’s location when a user places an order sitting on your couch from anywhere in the world.
  • After determining the accurate location from your ISP provider, the plugin automatically calculates and applies the VAT, saving you money and effort.
  • It included a specific place for the VAT number on the generated invoice. The benefits are twofold: first, it collects the VAT number and mentions it on the final invoice; secondly, it smoother the procedure by applying the VAT.
  • It simplifies the reporting procedure by generating an OSS report automatically and exporting it in CSV format. It’s crucial to keep the sales on record.
  • For a strategic move, it integrates IOSS while checking out. It eliminates 150€ for the European customers while purchasing anything.

3.    EU VAT Number by WooCommerce

EU VAT Number

It’s another useful EU VAT number manager developed by WooCommerce itself. When you shop, it collects the EU number and eliminates the charges accordingly. Here is what you will get from this plugin:

  • It’s an economical plugin useful for individuals and businesses. It charges a few bucks monthly to take all the heavy lifting related to VAT.
  • It exempts the VAT deemed necessary for EU customers, reducing the overall tax expenses by considering different conditions.
  • First, it gathers the user’s location for tax exemption in B2C transactions. It improves the process’s security with personalized services and options.
  • Digital goods have different VAT rules and standards. The plugin takes care of everything automatically and puts everything required.

4.    Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT

Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT

It’s a simple plugin to ensure your store meets all the VAT standards and regulations for shopping digital products. Surprisingly, it meets the EU laws. Here are some perks the user enjoys:

  • Validate the VAT for both EU and UK residents and charge the least amount.
  • Validate the VAT number on the invoices for users and store owners.
  • If you are making B2B sales, it eliminates and reverses the charges without the enrollment of human efforts.
  • Works on different EDD to track different locations and collects even the IP and Postal addresses.
  • Add all the data before payment confirmation in the invoice. Email the invoice with the VAT number in PDF format.
  • The users can export reports for the EC sales list and MOSS tax return.

5.    WooCommerce EU/UK VAT Compliance

WooCommerce EUUK VAT Compliance

It benefits the users and businesses to deal with all the EU/UK VAT compliances. It helps calculate the accurate VAT across the EU and UK geographies. Let’s have a look at its prominent features:

  • First, it traces the user’s location for accurate VAT calculation and creates non-contradictory evidence according to the VAT standards.
  • When the user checks out, all the information, including VAT, is displayed to the users for enhanced transparency.
  • When a customer has a look at the product, the plugin automatically detects the user’s location and shows the VAT after automatic calculation.
  • It makes the VAT calculation easier for the businesses and individuals who take it bothersome for everything a customer checks out.
  • Currency conversion is a plus for the users.
  • For the eligible orders, the VAT refund policy is also included. So you don’t need to worry about anything.

Final Thoughts

EU/UK VAT Manager for WooCommerce plugin wins the race among other mentioned plugins in terms of lowest VAT calculation and customized features.

It eliminates the extra tax by tracing your live location and allows businesses to select things due to its full control system.

Users also praise it for its automatic invoice and report generation with VAT number and collecting VAT date at the beginning of the WooCommerce setup.

We hope you will find the information helpful in choosing a suitable EU and UK VAT management plugin for WooCommerce Stores.

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