Limit Purchase Limits in Your Store By Period

Limit Purchase Limits in Your Store By Period (Month, Week, Day)

Inventory management is a wide topic that can be approached from multiple angles, applying purchase limits in your e-commerce store is one of the valuable tools to manage your inventory to achieve maximum store success.

Seasonality and sudden trends can cause massive spikes in the demand for certain items in your store, you might think this is good news since sales are going to increase, but if you’re not properly ready for this you could be overwhelmed with orders that you cannot fulfill, which may harm your store’s reputation and damage your brand.

But we’ve got your back, we will guide you step by step on applying purchase limits in your store by a certain period (month, week, day, etc) so you can properly manage your inventory and achieve the success you’re seeking and more.

How to Limit Purchases in Your WooCommerce Store By Period?

We’ll be using the plugin “Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce By WP Factory” It’s a plugin designed specifically for the task of setting limits on product purchases according to the rules you set.

Let’s walk through this step by step:

Step 1: Install the Plugin

Login to your WordPress admin dashboard, then head to plugin add new.

plugin add new

Step 2: Search for the Plugin

In the search field on the up right-hand corner, you’ll find a search field, type in the plugin name and look for the plugin.

search for the plugin

Step 3: Install and Activate the Plugin

Click on the install button then once the installation is done the same button will turn into an activate button, click on it to activate the plugin.

Install and Activate Plugin

Step 4: Head to WooCommerce Settings

Head to WooCommerce settings and select the Maximum Products per User tab.

WooCommerce Settings Max prod per User

Step 5: Enable the Plugin

In the general tab make sure the plugin is enabled and select the mode or the type of characteristic of the product you want to set the limit based on and select the order statuses of when the limit will be applied or will it be counted.

General Settings

Step 6: Set the Date Range

Scroll down in the general tab and select the date range for how long you want to apply the limit.

Date Range

Step 7: Set the Limit 

Head to the limit tab and specify the exact amount you want to limit for each user in the period you specified.

Set Limit

Step 8: Save the Settings

Scroll down and save the settings you’ve set. And now your limit should be set.


The Maximum Products per User for WooCommerce plugin by WPFactory is a very powerful plugin that allows you to control the quantity sold for your products in a variety of ways. It’s an essential tool for inventory management with its varied capabilities, inventory management has never been easier.

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