Popup Notices for WooCommerce

Author: WPFactory PluginsVersion: 1.4.7Updated: 3 months ago
Requires WordPress version: 4.4Tested up to WordPress version: 6.3



Notices are important messages WooCommerce displays on your store for customers, like:

Product has been added to cart
Field Name is a required field
Have a coupon
And so on…
And sometimes, depending on the theme, they get so discreet customers don’t see it or there are cases where they are just too ugly.

Popup Notices for WooCommercee turns WooCommerce Notices into beautiful Popups that will be noticed and appreciated.

Custom Style options

– Customize popup style the way you want using the WordPress Customizer
– Use icons from FontAwesome for your notice icons
– Edit the Modal Template if you need some customization

Find it at Appearance > Customize > Popup Notices

Hide default WooCommerce notices

Now that you can display your notices as Popups, you can simply choose to hide the native WooCommerce notices if you want

AJAX add to cart notice

By default, WooCommerce doesn’t display the notice when a product has been added to cart via AJAX on archive pages. The plugin offers some options of how you can try to achieve that.

Prevent page scrolling

Disable page scrolling on AJAX notices

Ignore Messages

You don’t have to display all your WooCommerce notices as Popups. You can ignore some of them if you want

Avoid repeated Messages

Use the Cookies option If there are messages that keep being displayed multiple times in a short period of time. They will be saved in Browser’s Cookies and will not be displayed again until the time has expired


Play any sound you want when the Pop-up opens or when it closes

Customize Messages

Customize WooCommerce messages modifying or adding more content after or before them

Main settings

On WooCommerce > Settings > Popup Notices you will be able to:

– Setup AJAX notices,
– Choose what type of notices will be added into popups
– Hide the default WooCommerce Notices
– Ignore Messages
– Avoid repeated messages
– Setup sounds for the Popup

Messages Settings

On Messages Settings you will be able to customize WooCommerce messages, modifying or adding more content after or before them.

It’s even possible to use shortcodes with you want.

Examples you can use on Original HTML Content.

  • Use [ttt_pnwc_get_message filter="wc_add_to_cart_message_html"] to modify the Add to cart message (%s has been added to your cart.)
  • Use [ttt_pnwc_get_message filter="woocommerce_cart_product_cannot_add_another_message"] to modify the Cannot add another message (You cannot add another “%s” to your cart.)

Style options

On Appearance > Customize > Popup Notices you will be able to customize the popup style

Frontend Screenshots

Some examples of Popup Notices in action:

Success Notice

Info Notice

Error Notice