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Difference Between Pro and Free versions


Pro Version

Free Version

Frontend Options

– Extensive control over field label, placeholder, description, and behavior (required/optional)

– Limited control over field display

– Confirmation notice for empty VAT ID

– Option to add EU VAT field to signup form

– Allow checkout on unregistered VAT numbers

– Restrict payment methods based on valid VAT number

– “Belgium Compatibility” features for individual/business customer selection and VAT handling

– Wide range of display options (after order table, billing address, etc.)

– Limited display options

– Hide VAT field for customized checkout pages

Validation Options

– Robust validation methods (SOAP, cURL, Simple)

– Basic validation method

– VAT exemption for valid numbers

– No VAT exemption functionality

– Preserve VAT for different shipping/billing countries

– No handling for different shipping/billing countries

– Advanced validation checks (country by IP, company name, country code matching)

– No advanced validation checks

– Allow VAT input without country code

– No flexibility for VAT input format

– VAT exemption for specific user roles

– No user-based VAT exemption

– Selective validation for specific countries

– No selective validation options

– Progress messages with real-time validation feedback

– No progress messages

– Hide progress messages for preserved countries list

Admin Options

– Meta box with EU VAT number summary on order edit page

– No dedicated EU VAT information display in admin

– EU VAT number column in admin order list

– Multilingual support with shortcodes for WPML/Polylang

– Debug mode for troubleshooting

– No debugging capabilities

– Session type selection (Standard PHP or WC)

– Force VAT recheck on checkout for bypassing caching issues

– Enable manual VAT validation for additional checks

– Define manually validated VAT numbers

– Customize VAT shifted text

Additional Resources

– Reference points for EU VAT management (field ID, adding VAT rates, reports)

– No additional resources provided

Plugin Description

– Link to plugin description page on WPFactory.com

– No link to plugin description