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Exporting Your Customer Data

This article guides you through exporting customer information from your WooCommerce store using the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce. We’ll explore the available customer data fields, customization options, and the export process itself.

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Accessing the Customer Export Settings

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Export.
  • Click on the Customers tab.

Understanding the Customer Data

The plugin allows you to export a comprehensive set of customer data, providing valuable insights into your customer base.

Here’s a breakdown of the key fields available

  • Basic User Information: Customer number, User ID, Email address, Name (first and last), Username, Login name, Nickname, Display name
  • Registration Details: Registration date, User roles assigned (administrator, editor, customer, etc.)
  • Billing and Shipping Information: Addresses (company, address lines, city, postcode, country, state), phone number, email address (separate for billing and shipping)
  • Customer Activity: Last update date for the customer record
  • WooCommerce-Specific Data: Total amount spent by the customer (lifetime), Order count (lifetime), Last order date

Customizing Your Export (Optional)

While the plugin provides a rich set of customer data by default. These could include

  • Selecting specific data fields to include in the export.
  • Filtering customers based on criteria like registration date, order history, or user roles.

Saving Your Configuration

Once you’ve reviewed the available fields and made any necessary customizations, click the Save changes button to save your export configuration.

Exporting Your Customer Data

With your settings saved, you’re ready to export your data. The plugin typically offers an Open Tool button to launch the export process. This will generate a file (CSV or XML, depending on your chosen format) containing the selected customer information.

Resetting Settings

The Reset Settings button allows you to restore all settings within the Customers tab to their default values.

Benefits of Exporting Customer Data

By leveraging the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce’s customer export functionality, you can;

  • Gain valuable insights into your customer base (demographics, purchase history).
  • Tailor marketing campaigns and promotions for specific customer segments.
  • Analyze customer behavior and identify trends.
  • Integrate customer data with other marketing or CRM tools.

This guide equips you to effectively export customer data from your WooCommerce store using the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce. By understanding the available fields and utilizing any available customization options, you can generate reports or retrieve specific customer information to enhance your understanding of your customer base.


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