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Extract Customer Data Based on Orders

This guide explores the Export Customers from Orders functionality offered by the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce. We’ll delve into the available customer data fields, customization options, and the export process itself.

Accessing the Export Settings

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Export.
  • Click on the Customers from Orders tab.

Understanding the Customer Data

This section allows you to export customer information specifically associated with orders placed in your store.

Here’s an overview of the data points you can extract

  • Basic User Information: Customer number, User ID, Name (first and last)
  • Billing Information: Email address, Name (first and last), Company, Address details (address lines, city, state, postcode, country), Phone number
  • Shipping Information: Name (first and last), Company, Address details (address lines, city, state, postcode, country) (if available)
  • Order Activity: Last order date, First order date
  • Purchase History: Total amount spent (lifetime), Order count (lifetime)

Filtering by Time Period (Optional)

Some plugin versions might offer additional customization options, such as the ability to

  • Specify a date range (period) to filter customer data based on orders placed within that timeframe.
  • Export additional data related to the order period, such as total spent, order count, and item count during that specific period.

Saving Your Configuration

Once you’ve reviewed the available fields and made any necessary customizations (depending on your plugin version), click the Save changes button to save your export configuration.

Exporting Your Customer Data

With your settings saved, you’re ready to export the data. The plugin typically offers an Open Tool button to launch the export process. This will generate a file (CSV or XML, depending on your chosen format) containing the customer information associated with their orders based on your selected criteria.

Resetting Settings

The Reset Settings button allows you to restore all settings within the Customers from Orders tab to their default values.

Benefits of Exporting Customer Data Based on Orders

By leveraging the Export Customers from Orders functionality, you can

  • Gain insights into customer purchase behavior and identify repeat customers.
  • Analyze customer lifetime value and target marketing campaigns accordingly.
  • Segment your customer base based on order history for personalized communication.
  • Integrate customer data with other marketing or CRM tools for a more holistic view.

This guide empowers you to effectively extract customer data associated with orders in your WooCommerce store using the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce. By understanding the available fields and utilizing any customization options, you can generate reports or retrieve specific customer information to gain valuable insights into your customer base and their purchasing habits.


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