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Deep Dive into Order Item Exports

This comprehensive guide empowers you to export detailed order item data from your WooCommerce store using the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce. We’ll explore the extensive list of fields available, customization options, and the export process itself.

Accessing the Order Item Export Settings

  • Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.
  • Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Export.
  • Click on the Order Items sub-tab.

Unveiling the Order Item Data

The plugin offers a rich set of fields encompassing various aspects of each order item, allowing you to create highly specific exports.

Here’s a breakdown of the key data points

  • Order Information: Order ID, Number, Status, Date, Time, Currency, Total amount, Taxes, Shipping cost, Payment method, Customer details (billing and shipping)

Individual Item Details:

  • Item ID, Name, SKU
  • Custom data entered during checkout (Item Product Input Fields)
  • Item-specific meta data (Item Meta, Item Variation Meta)
  • Quantity purchased
  • Tax class associated with the item
  • Product and variation IDs (for reference)

Financial Breakdown:

  • Subtotal and total price for each item line
  • Tax details for each item line (subtotal tax, total tax)
  • Subtotal and total price including tax

Customizing Your Export (Optional)

  • Additional Export Orders Items Meta Fields: This section allows you to export additional custom meta fields associated with your order items.

Saving Your Configuration

Once you’ve selected the desired fields, click the Save changes button at the bottom of the page to save your export configuration.

Exporting Your Order Item Data

With your settings saved, you’re ready to export your data. The plugin typically offers an Open Tool button to launch the export process. This will generate a file (CSV or XML, depending on your chosen format) containing the detailed order item information based on your selected fields.

Resetting Settings

The Reset Settings button allows you to restore all settings within the Order Items sub-tab to their default values.

Leveraging Order Item Exports

By harnessing the power of the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce’s order item export functionality, you can,

  • Generate detailed reports for order fulfillment and inventory management.
  • Analyze sales trends for specific products or variations.
  • Provide comprehensive data for accounting purposes.
  • Integrate the exported data with other business applications.

This guide empowers you to delve into the granular details of your WooCommerce orders with the Products & Order Export for WooCommerce. By selecting the relevant fields and customizing your export configuration, you can generate reports or retrieve specific order item information with exceptional precision.


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