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Tools and Admin options

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The information that is provided details the “Tools” and “Admin Options” functionalities within the MSRP (RRP) Pricing for the WooCommerce plugin. These sections offer various tools and settings for managing MSRP data within your WooCommerce store.

Tools Section

  • Copy all products prices to MSRP: This tool allows you to quickly copy your existing product prices and set them as the MSRP for all products. This can be a time-saver for initial setup but might require adjustments if your MSRP values differ from your selling prices.
  • Delete all products MSRP meta: This tool removes all MSRP data associated with your products. Use this cautiously as it permanently deletes all MSRP information.
  • Bulk MSRP price converter tool: This tool (potentially available in the Pro version) might allow for bulk adjustments or conversions of existing MSRP values.

Admin Options Section

This section focuses on managing how MSRP data is displayed and interacted with within the WooCommerce admin panel.

Admin Products List

  • Add MSRP column: This option adds a dedicated column for displaying MSRP data alongside other product details in the admin product list. This provides a quick overview of MSRP values for all products.

Admin Quick Edit and Bulk Edit

  • Add MSRP field: This allows you to edit MSRP data directly within the quick edit or bulk edit functionalities of the admin panel. This can save time compared to editing each product individually.
  • Position in admin quick and bulk edit: You can choose where the MSRP field appears within the quick edit and bulk edit interfaces (“At the start” or “At the end”).
  • MSRP backend field label: This allows you to customize the label displayed next to the MSRP field in the admin panel for better clarity.

Advanced Options

  • Products with an empty price: This option lets you control how MSRP is displayed for products with no set price. You can choose to hide the MSRP altogether.
  • Products on sale: Similar to the above option, you can choose to hide the regular price for products that are on sale and have an MSRP defined. This can help prevent confusion during sales periods.
  • Custom range format: This option (potentially available in the Pro version) allows you to define a custom format for displaying the MSRP range of variable products (products with multiple variations). This can be useful for presenting the price range in a specific way.
  • Apply price filter: This option allows the standard WooCommerce price filter to be applied to MSRP data as well (potentially with a currency switcher plugin). This can be helpful for filtering products based on their MSRP range.
  • Required user role(s): This option (potentially available in the Pro version) allows you to restrict who can see or edit MSRP data within the admin panel. By default, all user roles can see it, but you can limit access to specific roles (e.g., administrators only).
  • Variable MSRP optimization: This option (potentially available in the Pro version) might offer different methods for storing and managing MSRP data for variable products, potentially improving performance.

Overall, the “Tools” and “Admin Options” functionalities provide valuable features for managing MSRP data efficiently within the WooCommerce admin environment. These tools can save time, improve organization, and offer greater control over how MSRP information is presented within your store’s backend.