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Advanced Options

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The information provided highlights some of the more advanced functionalities within the “Advanced Options” section of the MSRP (RRP) Pricing for the WooCommerce Pro plugin.

Let’s break down these features

1. Products with empty price

This option offers control over how MSRP is displayed for products that don’t have a standard price set.

You can choose to

  • Hide: This hides the MSRP entirely for products without a standard price. This can prevent confusion if MSRP is a core aspect of your pricing strategy.

2. Products on sale

Similar to the previous option, this allows you to control how MSRP is displayed for products currently on sale and have an MSRP defined.

You can choose to

  • Hide: Hide the regular price for these products. This can simplify the product information and potentially make the sale price stand out more prominently.

3. Custom range format (Variable Products Only)

This feature provides a way to customize how the MSRP range is displayed for variable products (products with multiple variations). By default, it might just show the lowest and highest MSRP values. With this option (potentially available in the Pro version),

you can

  • Enable: Activate custom formatting.
  • Replaced values: Define placeholders like %from% and %to% within your custom format. These will be replaced with the actual minimum and maximum MSRP values of the product’s variations.

For example

A Custom format of “Starting from %from%” would display something like “Starting from $29.99” if the lowest MSRP variation is $29.99.

4. Apply price filter (Requires Currency Switcher Plugin)

This option allows you to leverage the standard WooCommerce price filter functionality for MSRP data as well.

This can be particularly beneficial if you

  • Use a currency switcher plugin: This plugin likely calculates prices based on exchange rates. By enabling this option, you can ensure the price filter considers both the converted selling price and the converted MSRP for filtering.

5. Required User Role(s) (Pro Version Only)

This feature provides granular control over who can see or edit MSRP data within the WooCommerce admin panel. By default, all user roles can access it. However, with this option (potentially available in the Pro version), you can;

  • Restrict access: Specify which user roles (e.g., administrators only) are allowed to view or edit MSRP data. This can be helpful for maintaining control over pricing information within your store.

6. Variable MSRP Optimization (Pro Version Only)

This option deals with how the plugin stores and manages MSRP data for variable products.

While the details might be technical, it likely offers different methods to optimize performance

  • None: The default option, potentially using the standard storage method.
  • Save in transients: This might utilize a temporary storage mechanism for faster retrieval but with limited data persistence.
  • Save in array: This could involve storing the data in a structured format within an array, potentially offering better organization and performance.

Overall, these advanced options within the MSRP (RRP) Pricing for WooCommerce Pro plugin offer significant control and flexibility for managing MSRP data. They can help you tailor the display of MSRP information, optimize performance for variable products, and restrict access based on user roles.