Quantity step not working on decimals

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    Klemen Kapel

    Hello once again.
    I need to let you know that everything is not working ok
    the minimum quantities work fine
    There are problems with quantitative steps
    Some work fine, and some especially those that have steps set to decimal values do not work.
    Most problems are with items that have set minimum steps to values below 1, such as 0.5
    It is very strange to me because the settings except the quantitative steps are the same everywhere, but some do work but some do not
    Please help quickly. this site should go public in a day or two
    Thank you

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    Klemen Kapel

    upon closer inspection, I noticed that the quantitative steps do not work correctly in all cases with decimal values.
    For some quantitative steps, it is not possible to change the value by clicking plus minus;
    For example
    Minimum quantity 0.5
    Quantitative step 0.5
    You cannot change the quantity by clicking the plus or minus button

    For example 2
    Minimum quantity 2.5
    Quantitative step 2.5
    you can change it by clicking the plus button and the value of the second step is displayed correctly in the input field (5) but the price display for the quantity is 4. This is wrong


    Hi Klemen,

    No worries, I might need to check some settings on your server, some times themes overwrite +/- buttons, plus some plugin settings that can help.

    If possible, please give me access to your server and I will be glad to check & help, you can use my email [email protected]


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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