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    Glenn Lindstrom


    I have been using your FREE version for some time and its been so useful that I have now made the leap to buy the PRO version.  On using it I have discovered that the PRO version is a different plugin to the FREE and so have deleted the FREE which seemed superfluous. Let me know if this is a mistake.  Anyway my questions/problems with using your plugin on are as follows:

    • My preference is to use the STRIKETHROUGH representation of the RRP but I have discovered that the size of the font seems to get smaller in comparison to the other text.  Is there a way to increase the font of the strikethrough RRP?
    • I have activated the CART display but it seems that the RRP price only shows on the small side CART and not the large CART page.  On my website the small side cart is revealed by selecting the Cart icon top right.  The Cart page is displayed by selecting VIEW CART from the smaller side cart window.
    • In addition I have activated the Cart total.  This appears on the large Cart page (where none of the RRPs show) but does NOT show on the small side cart window (where the RRPs do show).

    Can you assist me with these issues?

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    Hi Glenn,

    Thanks Glenn for the feedback (would be great if you can review the plugin as well).

    Yes you’re right, you can delete the free version since it’s completely superfluous with the Pro.

    For the issues, they need some modifications on theme/plugin files, please send us wp-admin & FTP access to [email protected] to assist you better, also some screenshots to illustrate the issues will be helpful.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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