Best Plugins to Add Amount Left for Free Shipping Option in WooCommerce

Best 5 free shipping plugins for WooCommerce on bulk purchases

WooCommerce is all about marketing, and several marketing tactics exist in this digital era. The most commonly used marketing trick is to give something extra to your valuable customer, keeping the business’s growth and conversions in mind. Simply, the aim is to benefit the user without losing the conversions.

Yeah, we are talking about Free Shipping after spending a certain amount.

Best Plugins to Add Amount Left for Free Shipping Option in WooCommerce

Keeping today’s marketing in mind, several Free Shipping Plugins for WooCommerce over an amount have been published online. It’s pretty good for online business owners, but it’s also a headache which one to choose.

This article has thoroughly addressed the best plugins for free shipping over an amount for WooCommerce, their details, prominent features, and everything necessary to know about them.

Let’s get deeper into the details so that you can pick up the right one for your WooCommerce store, assisting customers with Free Shipping.

1.  Free Shipping Over Amount for WooCommerce

Free Shipping Over Amount Bar for WooCommerce

Engage more customers and boost your sales by grabbing the user’s attention with the Free shipping plugin for WooCommerce for the remaining amount. It gives the customers real-time updates about the budget left to enjoy free shipping. It’s a dynamic tool that updates the amount automatically without human effort and attracts users for more shopping. Before using it for an eCommerce store, don’t forget to check the important perks below:

Dynamic Remaining to Free Shipping Messages

Keeping the customers informed builds trust and is a good way to show transparency. This dynamic plugin tells customers about their free shipping journey until the end by updating the remaining amount in the bar.

You don’t need to take the heavy lifting because the plugin will integrate the remaining amount bar directly into your website without issues. It utilizes shortcodes and PHP for simple and easy integration.

What other benefits does it offer? It enhances the user experience, boosting customer satisfaction, and is considered one of the best dynamic solutions for today.

Customizable Shipping Criteria & Parameters

Say goodbye to complex plugins and get the one-stop solution with it. Update and fine-tune your shipping parameters for free shipping, make your own rules, manage currencies, and apply them for different states and zones.

Payment Gateway Currency for WooCommerce

Everything is customizable, easy to access, and in your hands for precise cart offers. So, don’t think much; get it now, make precise shopping promotions, and convert more customers from your targeted audience.

Customized Message Settings Based on Rules

It’s not necessary that everyone likes your free shipping strategy; therefore, you can create rules based on your customer satisfaction. Enhance your shopping flexibility with a simple toggle option for the free shipping message according to different cart scenarios.

For example, you can create rules for cart brimming and zero shipping costs for different products. In short, everything is in your hands.

Highlight Exclusive Free Shipping When Needed

Simplifying the shopping strategies allows the store to bring more sales organically. This plugin allows you to increase the user experience by giving different shopping strategies under individual scenarios.

For example, when a customer meets the free shipping threshold, you must conceal the other shipping methods to assist the customer in a better way. It’s good for a reliable customer experience and improves your store’s SEO. Most importantly, it keeps everything simple and smooth, which is each user’s choice.

Realtime Updates & Visibility to Boost Conversions

Multiple display points help increase the user experience and are good from an SEO perspective. The aim is to keep your valuable customer always updated with the remaining amount to win the free shipping deal.

No matter where your customer is and what devices they’re shopping on, the plugin will give real time updates to the user. Yeah, it’s essential for transparency and customer satisfaction and to drive more conversions in a fun way.

Include or Exclude Discounts from Calculated Amount

Determining eligibility is a real hack, and calculating the amount is heavy lifting for the store owners. Don’t worry! The plugin is capable enough to calculate the amount, giving you a choice of whether you want to adjust the total amount or want to use another strategy. Yes, following your rules and requirements allows you to make your own strategy. Now, choose things on your own that are best for your business and conversions, keeping your customers happy with free shipping offers.

Virtual Products Compatibility

The plugin is intelligent enough to eliminate all the contradictions. It ensures that the virtual products are away from free shipping with a smooth and easy checkout procedure. Say goodbye to shopping hassles, keep everything in your control, and keep the shoppers happy by choosing the best strategy for your business.

Celebrate the Milestone

Be happy for your customers, too, if they achieve a milestone for free shipping. Send your customers an achievement message and celebrate their milestone. Create customized messages and congratulate the winners in attractive ways.

It’s unnecessary to send the message to their inbox, but the plugin offers free pop-up message creation on the customer’s achievement. Make sure to add the relevant keywords for your business, attract the user for further shopping, and keep everything transparent. Yeah, it’s all possible with Amount Left Free Shipping with the WooCommerce plugin.

Role & Category-specific Messaging

Make it an amazing shopping journey for the customer with an amazing and extraordinary Free Shipping bar. Just imagine you want to show the free shipping bar to your customers based on different category products on your website. Is it possible? Yeah, it’s all possible with this plugin to make free shipping personalized, more convergent, convenient, and personalized for the users.

This way, you will get repetitive clients if a user gets amazing free shipping and shopping for the first time. An extra layer of personalization helps the store owner to make rules for different customers in terms of giving free shipping service.

2.  Dynamic Pricing, Cart Discounts & Checkout Rules

Dynamic Pricing, Cart Discounts and Checkout Rules

It’s another good plugin that gives customized free shipping options to different customers based on several factors. You will get dynamic pricing, checkout discounts, and other discounts in one place. The users praise it for the following reasons:
Product Price by Quantity for WooCommerce

  • It offers settings for bulk discounts on different products, produce price change for different customers, and dynamic free shipping and tax settings.
  • For instance, you can create free shipping and discount offers for an individual product without switching to another screen for settings.
  • Admin screen, product settings, and other options are easy to access due to its easy interface.
  • Drag and drop options for product settings for easy use, especially designed for beginners.
  • Customized text options, shortcodes for quick discount placement, and free templates.

3.  Advanced Coupons Plugin

Advanced Coupons Plugin

As the name suggests, it’s another advanced plugin for coupons, store credits, loyalty programs, gift cards, auto-apply discounts, BOGO deals, and more. Amazingly, it offers 100+ features useful for the customers and the store owners. Some important features are mentioned here:
Coupons & Add to Cart by URL Links for WooCommerce

  • Create BOGO (Buy one get one) free deals with personalized settings. BOGO deals with individual categories and products.
  • You can add different products for individual discounts. Create settings for different discount options, such as free shipping and further discounts, simultaneously while checking out.
  • You can create certain rules to apply the coupons automatically if the conditions are fulfilled without hassle.
  • It allows 100 coupons overall and almost 1000 coupons for the children.
  • Allows stores to create restrictions from using several coupons at a time and similar conditions.

4.  WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

WooCommerce Advanced Shipping

Everyone knows about the Envato elements and its treasure for WooCommerce plugins. WooCommerce Advanced Shipping is a reliable, versatile, and affordable plugin to create Free shipping offers for your e-commerce store. Do you want to know more about it? Check out its prominent features below:

  • It’s easy to create multiple shipping methods to grab customers globally. Each shipping works on your created rules and regulations.
  • No coding is involved; everything is hassle-free with pre-made options, shortcodes, and drag and drop.
  • It’s easy to use whether you add offers with a price tag or any other logical condition.
  • You can create volume-based pricing for categories and products.
  • No more limits; enjoy unlimited shipping methods for your WooCommerce store.

5.  All in one Checkout for WooCommerce (AIO Checkout)

All in one Checkout for WooCommerce (AIO Checkout)

The plugin allows you to boost your sales with an all-in-all free shipping experience. It’s one of the best mobile plugins for checking out, evaluating value, and showing different offers. It’s good due to its following features:

  • It provides optimized checkout with different options for better user experience and SEO.
  • The checkout field editor has comprehensive options and customization tools.
  • Create dynamic offers for different products, categories, and customers from different locations.
  • Multi-step checkout with different options to boost sales and customer experience.
  • It’s easy to keep the checkout cart simple or comprehensive with customized functions.

Bottom Line

To sum up, Amount Left Free Shipping for WooCommerce is at the top due to its comprehensive features, pricing plans, and versatility. Other plugins offer different irrelevant options but provide specialized features for free shipping with several customization options.

Free Shipping Over Amount Bar for WooCommerce

Creating offers individually, bulk products, and categories is also useful. So, use it, make shopping easier for customers, and boost your sales with organic conversions.


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