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Form and Notice Options

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Crafting the Negotiation Experience: Form and Notice Options in Name Your Price for WooCommerce

The “Name Your Price: Make an Offer for WooCommerce” plugin injects a fun element of negotiation into your store. But how can you personalize the offer form and guide your customers through the process? The plugin’s form and notice options come in handy!

Building a User-Friendly Offer Form

  • Form header: This section lets you customize the text that appears at the top of the offer form. Use the “%product_title%” placeholder to dynamically display the product name. Craft a clear and inviting header to introduce the negotiation process.
  • Form button (covered previously): We explored how to configure the “Make an Offer” button’s label and style in the button options section.
  • Form footer: Here, you can add any HTML code you’d like to display at the bottom of the offer form. This could be helpful for including additional information or disclaimers related to the negotiation process.

Guiding Customers with Clear Notices

  • Customer notice: This section allows you to create a message that appears directly above the offer form. Use this space to provide clear instructions or highlight any specific requirements for submitting offers.

Resetting to Defaults

  • Reset Settings: This button allows you to restore all form and notice option settings to their default state.

Remember: Functionalities like enabling/requiring specific customer information fields and advanced price input options require the Pro version of the plugin (link to the Pro version: https://wpfactory.com/item/price-offers-for-woocommerce/).