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Form Styling Options

Beautify Your Negotiation Space: Form Styling Options in Name Your Price for WooCommerce

The “Name Your Price: Make an Offer for WooCommerce” plugin lets you personalize the negotiation experience for your customers. But have you considered the look and feel of the offer form itself? The plugin’s form styling options come to the rescue!

Crafting a Visually Appealing Offer Form

  • Width: This option allows you to define the width of the offer form, ensuring it fits seamlessly within your product page layout.
  • Header background color, Header text color, Footer background color, Footer text color: Here, you can unleash your inner designer and customize the color scheme of the form’s header and footer sections. Select colors that complement your store’s overall design aesthetic and enhance the form’s readability.

Resetting to Default Styles

  • Reset Settings: This button allows you to restore all form styling options to their default state if you ever decide to revert to the plugin’s original design.

By using these form styling options in conjunction with the button, field, and form and notice options covered in previous articles, you can create a visually appealing and informative negotiation experience that perfectly integrates with your store’s branding. This can not only improve the user experience but also potentially encourage more customer engagement with the offer functionality. So go forth, customize, and make those offer forms shine!