Best Plugins to Restrict Order MinimumMaximum Amount for WooCommerce

Best 6 Plugins to Restrict Minimum/Maximum Order Amount for WooCommerce

Handling orders with very small or exceptionally large quantities can be a headache, eating into your profits and potentially causing logistical problems. The solution? Embrace a WooCommerce min and max quantity plugin to ensure your orders make sense for your business.

Order Minimum-Maximum Amount for WooCommerce

In this article, we’ll introduce you to the top plugins to restrict the minimum and maximum amount for WooCommerce, helping you streamline your online store for maximum success.

So without further ado, let’s dive in!

1.   Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce

Order Minimum-Maximum Limits for WooCommerce

The first plugin on our list empowers your WooCommerce store with precision control over order limits. You can easily customize your minimum and maximum order thresholds to perfection.

Here’s how it can help you in WooCommerce store management;

Dynamic Order Limits Customization

Our plugin empowers you to effortlessly customize minimum and maximum order limits, ensuring a seamless shopping experience for your customers.  This feature allows you to define and fine-tune order restrictions based on various factors such as the total order value, the quantity of items, their weight, or even the volume of products.

Product and Category Value and Count Limits

With the “Order Minimum/Maximum Amount for WooCommerce” plugin, you’re in control. It helps you restrict the minimum and maximum purchase value and quantities for each product in your store. This allows you to encourage bulk buying or prevent customers from ordering less than a certain amount.

You can apply the same purchasing restrictions to entire product categories. This feature ensures that customers adhere to your set limits while shopping across a specific category.

This plugin also fine-tunes the purchase values and quantities based on product tags. This allows you to differentiate rules for products that share common characteristics.

Warn and Apply Fees on Limits

With this plugin, you can set purchase limits without being overly strict. Instead, we offer a flexible approach that includes custom fee notifications.

So what happens is when customers approach their purchase limits, our plugin will send them customized warnings. This ensures they’re well-informed and not caught off guard.

You have the freedom to define these limits according to your business needs. This means you can encourage customers to explore more products while still maintaining control over their spending.

Once a limit is reached, you can automatically apply extra fees. This allows you to manage your customer’s shopping behavior while also increasing your revenue.

Define Min/Max Value and Amount per User or User Role

With this plugin, you have the power to set specific minimum and maximum purchase limits for different user roles or even individual customers. This feature allows you to tailor the shopping experience, ensuring that users adhere to defined order quantity and total sum constraints.

Unlimited Customized Messages

This plugin allows you to effortlessly display personalized messages at critical touchpoints. Whether it’s on your product page, in the shopping cart, the handy mini-cart, or during the checkout process, this feature enables you to show messages that are specific to the conditions met.

It enhances your customers’ experience and provides real-time guidance as they shop, making it easier for them to reach the required order minimum or maximum amount.

2.   Order Restrictions for WooCommerce by Flintop

Order Restrictions for WooCommerce by Flintop

Another excellent tool to consider is the Order Restrictions for WooCommerce plugin by Flintop. With this nifty plugin, you gain the power to set specific limits on your customers’ orders. Here are some pros of using this plugin;

  • You can set minimum order values and product quantity requirements to encourage customers to spend more on each purchase, boosting your average order value.
  • By configuring minimum order values for specific payment gateways, you can prevent users from choosing expensive payment options for low-value orders, helping you save on processing fees.
  • You can limit the number of times users can purchase a specific product, preventing abuse or over-purchasing, and optionally set time-based restrictions.
  • You can customize payment gateways to specific order total ranges, allowing you to offer or restrict payment options based on transaction amounts, enhancing customer experience.

3.   WooCommerce Order Limit by XfinitySoft

WooCommerce Order Limit by XfinitySoft

Another great plugin in this regard is the WooCommerce Order Limit by XfinitySoft. This plugin offers you the power to restrict or set precise order restrictions for your online store. Here are some of its best features;

  • This plugin allows you to set specific rules for minimum and maximum order quantities, helping you manage your online store’s orders effectively and avoid overcommitting on production and shipping.
  • It ensures that you can set different limits for various scenarios, whether it’s limiting stock for a bakery or controlling order amounts for promotional discounts.
  • The plugin offers time-based order limits, allowing you to specify limits for daily, weekly, or other time spans.
  • You can also customize messages displayed on your website when order limits are reached, providing a clear and user-friendly experience for your customers while enforcing order restrictions.

4.   Cart and Order Restrictions by Addify

Cart and Order Restrictions by Addify

Another fantastic tool in this category is the Cart and Order Restrictions plugin by Addify. It empowers you to control your checkout process by tailoring it to specific user roles, cart contents, and order criteria. Here are some features:

  • This plugin allows you to create highly customized checkout restrictions based on various factors such as product quantity, cart amount, category quantity, and more, giving you fine-grained control over the purchasing experience on your e-commerce store.
  • It also enhances the customer experience by ensuring that special product categories like limited editions or custom items remain accessible to a broader audience. By limiting quantities, it prevents bulk purchases and ensures more customers can enjoy these unique offerings.
  • You can apply restrictions to specific user roles, like B2B or wholesalers, making it ideal for businesses that want to offer different purchasing privileges to various customer segments. This flexibility is especially useful for wholesale buying scenarios.
  • By setting rules for minimum and maximum values, as well as configuring duration and reset options, this plugin provides you with powerful tools to manage and optimize your sales strategies, helping you maintain better control over your e-commerce operations.

5.   PRO Minimum Maximum Quantity and Minimum Order Amount for WooCommerce

PRO Minimum Maximum Quantity and Minimum Order Amount for WooCommerce

PRO Minimum Maximum Quantity and Minimum Order Amount for WooCommerce is another outstanding addition to this category of WooCommerce plugins. It offers a versatile array of features tailored to help you manage your product quantities and order limits with ease. Here’s what this plugin brings to the table:

  • This WooCommerce plugin allows you to set minimum and maximum quantity limits for products, ensuring customers buy in quantities that align with your business needs, which can boost sales and revenue.
  • You can create custom messages for quantity restrictions and control their appearance, helping you provide clear communication to customers about order requirements and increasing user experience.
  • You can set quantity restrictions at the category level, making it easy to enforce specific purchase rules across a group of related products, enhancing your store’s organization and customer experience.
  • The plugin enables you to require customers to order products in predefined multiples, ensuring that orders align with your inventory or packaging requirements, making order processing more efficient.

6.   Min/Max Quantities by WooCommerce

MinMax Quantities by WooCommerce

This plugin is your go-to solution for setting minimum and maximum quantity guidelines for your products, orders, and categories. Here are some best features;

  • You can define minimum and maximum quantities for products, ensuring you maintain the right amount of stock, preventing overstocking, and reducing storage costs.
  • It allows you to require specific products to be purchased in predefined quantity multiples, ensuring that customers buy the desired quantities.
  • You can add quantity rules at the product variation level, offering full control for products with multiple options.
  • You can set minimum and maximum quantity restrictions for orders, as well as minimum/maximum order totals, enabling you to fine-tune the purchasing process and promote specific purchasing behaviors.

Bottom Line

It is essential to ensure precise control over minimum and maximum order quantities for any WooCommerce store that wants to maximize profitability. If you want to boost average order values, manage inventory effectively, or optimize your e-commerce strategy, the plugins mentioned above offer versatile solutions to meet your unique business needs.

Choose the one that best aligns with your goals and take a step closer to a successful online store.


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